Feb 26, 2014

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37 thoughts on “Aussie Fairy Stories: Ingrid The Grapefruit

  1. Caths

    Um. Sometimes I just love you, Firsty. Onya Ingrid.

  2. rhwombat

    Woohoo! I love a Sunburnt Country that employs decent fruit & croissants.

  3. Anne

    We are all Ingrid.
    At least I wish we were …

  4. Matthew of Canberra

    Did that … actually happen?

  5. drovers cat

    I used to hate grapefruit. Not any more

  6. drmick

    Yew liddle bewdy Ingrid.
    Boilermakers are made of special stuff including the salt of the earth. Perhaps the crikey politician of the year is only where he is thanks to the “vote early and vote often” brigade that have come to light recently?
    It would be nice to think there are more decent people in Australia than there are LNP supporters.
    The LNP are reportedly paying people $50 to put “vote lies” signs on their fences in tassie for the election. Who is to say they didn’t offer the same incentive for the “VOVE” crowd?.
    Anyhow, if they put a photo of a map of tassie or tony on the poster in tassie, no one will be able to tell the difference.

  7. Venise Alstergren

    Totally brilliant FD. One of your best.

  8. klewso

    That’s it Ingrid tell ’em to “Kiss my Toady!”.

    … so who fabricates Scrott’s and Campbell’s fairy tails?

  9. zut alors

    Judging by that last frame, Firsty, you won’t receive the usual invitation to the PM’s suite during budget week. Lucky dog.

  10. Dorothea Mackellar

    Sunburnt Country…Hmmmm?

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