Feb 25, 2014

Source or reporter? Murky waters around ABC Manus Island scoop

When is a source a journalist? One reporter handed the ABC a scoop but believes she didn't get the credit. But Aunty says it was just following standard practice.

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

Yesterday afternoon, the ABC published a piece alleging a former Sri Lankan military officer was now acting operations manager at the Manus Island detention centre — a concern for advocates given the number of Tamil asylum seekers being held there.


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2 thoughts on “Source or reporter? Murky waters around ABC Manus Island scoop

  1. paddy

    Pretty unedifying stuff from the ABC.
    At least Mark Colvin confirmed his journalistic integrity.
    But (from what’s reported here and seen on twitter) Alan Sunderland’s not in the same class.
    It will be interesting to see if this gets a run in next week’s Mediawatch.

  2. klewso

    I worry about this ABC obsessing over “tabloid relevance”?
    Entertainment isn’t always.

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