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Feb 25, 2014

Blorp Rootington to the rescue!

Meet Bulb Snerton, Australia's friend. He's here to help you *conditions apply.




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39 thoughts on “Blorp Rootington to the rescue!

  1. leon knight

    Oh dear – rather harsh FD…but the basic truth can not be avoided.
    Tough medicine for us Labor supporters that prefer to think our party has a kinder attitude (on most things), but the facts are out there….
    Definitely time Blink Shorthairs and his colleagues to get their thinking caps on and start devising some decent policies to win the next election with.

  2. Stevo the Working Twistie

    pill snorter

  3. Andybob

    Isn’t he in Paris ?

  4. linda

    SPOT ON! your doggy nose has sniffed out Bub’s fakery. Now where’s bloody Richard “aren’t I good looking” Marles?

    AND as for fucking Joel “Snorty” Fitzgiggle AND Mark “cutie pie dimples” Butler well just forgeddaboudit

    I’m so old I remember when ALP had pollies that meant stuff (oh Jim…)

  5. Nola St Jack

    was it better when he was missing??? can he be missing again??

  6. rhwombat

    Bilbo Sporran! FTW! If the ALP won’t let us have our choice of leader, at least they could accede to our choice of name for a leader.

  7. rhwombat

    As for Graeme the mardo – any chance that he’ll succumb to the usual fate of his species? Blorp Rootington for nominative determinism.

  8. klewso

    I though Blot Sniffer wore a bucket?

  9. Dez Paul

    It seems Bulb’s credibility gap ain’t shortening at all. You ain’t helping FD.

    And Graeme’s a male antechinus?! We’ll all be fu cked before he dies.

    Bilbo Sporran gets my vote. Hoots.

    Meow indeed.

  10. Ivan Goodacre

    Probably best to get a new leader, wouldn’t you agree?

  11. klewso

    I lost my virginity to Antechinus’ sister Pre.

  12. rhwombat

    Ivan: I agree. Draft Julia!

  13. zut alors

    I’m starting a rumour that being heartless to asylum seekers hastens the perpetrators’ baldness. It will reveal whether our parliamentarians are more vain than r@cist.

  14. paddy

    An absolute ball-tearer FD.

  15. ernmalleyscat

    They’ve done it before. They did it in 2008. They closed Nauru, ended TPVs, stopped turnbacks and processed arrivals quickly. Haven’t we come a long way in 6 years?
    Maybe Biff Snorer isn’t the one to try it again, but I don’t know if there’s anyone around at the moment with the capacity to change the minds of 70% of the media and 60% of the voters who think we should be even horribler.

  16. Stephen

    And not just on refugee policy, Barp Storken, but on every other damn policy.

    The reason Abbott has to be so extreme to get our attention is that Kevin Gillard did a faithful imitation of John Howard for six years.

  17. ianjohnno

    The thought of a Spam Burrito has put me right off my feed, FD.

  18. JackAubrey

    No self-respecting, red-blooded Antechinus flavipes would waste its valuable time being Bing Slattern even for the duration of a seven panel cartoon (which is 4.35 minutes, including colouring-in). They have standards and important work to do. One even tried to hump my thumb once. True! Cute as a randy Antechinus-shaped humping button.

  19. AR

    I would prefer ANY of the BSs in any of the frames to the current short term, short arse, idea short excuse for an Opposition Leader currently sucking on the teats of our taxes, with a gold plated pension & pointy end of the plane travel unto his day of death.

  20. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    With an Echidna…

  21. Repete

    Whatever his shortcomings, Albo would be trying to rip the seat out of Scotty’s odious pants. I can’t even begin to express my disappointment in Shorten’s lack of passion. He just fades to grey in every interview I’ve seen.

  22. Repete

    Sorry Firsty. A 1st rate critique of Bluff Shortington.

  23. JennyWren

    All the antechinus that currently reside under my house and pillage my worm farm (thereby driving my cocker spaniel nuts) are officially now called Graeme. But by the way, poor Graeme won’t be around for long, the males all die from over-copulation. True! (I think)

  24. drmick

    So who won the race to the bottom then? Or can they go any lower? What’s an opposition to do when 100% of the r@dnecks make up 63% of the population?
    34% of those dont think beating a person seeking asylum to death and stamping on his head was a bad thing.
    100% of the 70% of TV newspapers and supporting taking ar$e$ flying the skull and murdoch-bones flag are supporting the 100% of rednecks. Is there a public voice of reason? They have declared the ABC the enemy if they report the truth and no one else seems to give a rats clacker.
    Human nature being what it is; we are going to take another 6 generations to generate enough embarrassment to repeal the new white Australia policy.

  25. klewso

    From where we get that great Aussie exclamation “Copulate me off this mortal coil!”?

  26. klewso

    I was waiting for Bull Shittin?

  27. fractious

    Will the real Bettong Spanner please stand up. Thank you. Now sit down again, we wouldn’t want you to get all exercised about something.

    Classified Ads: For Sale or Lease – the Space Formerly Occupied by the Australian Labor Party. Prime location, easy access to millions of disgruntled citizens, heritage value. Current tenants not exploiting the space to anywhere near its potential, no reasonable offer refused. PS Could Christine, who left a message on the answering machine, please call back.

  28. ianjohnno

    Ghost Who Talks (very softly).

  29. klewso

    “I was waiting for Bull Shitten?”

  30. Liamj

    Choice, First Dog, choice.
    But its not Gill Shodden’s fault that limp symbolic gestures are all the market will bear, he’s just reflecting his comfortably numb constituency. We get the politicians we deserve: i’m only mildly depressed about Cistine Milliner, and a twopartypreferred majority have boners for their Phony Maggot.

  31. Venise Alstergren

    Will Tallen is a monumental mouse. Or, perhaps he’s a dormouse? The things Shiny Pate Rabbott and his cheering band of mediocrity are getting away with simply couldn’t happen if the Suposition had a decent leader. Ant Elbowgreasy would have had the bollocks to deal with Chrissy Wissy, Four Eyes Borowson, The Climate went that away rhyming slang Hunt and all the other deadbeats that litter the front benches.

    Wake up dormouse, or fall on your sword-if you’ve got one!

  32. Chris Johnson

    Bit Shollern, signature to the Beaconsfield tragedy. Hard to forget his name!

  33. AR

    klewy – he can’t even summon the cerebral activity to bullshit. What a waste of space but the only other on offer was the slimy back door.. sorry backroom ..boyo AA, great for shivs in the ribs and closed door headkicking, but a Prince maker, no desire to be the target of others of his ilk.
    Fractious – sadly, that ad. will long go unanswered, this country is too full of those described to a T by DrM.

  34. PDGFD1

    Bunch of silly nicknames… Aw grow up!
    On second thoughts…. splutter, guffaw… don’t!!!

  35. JKUU

    Where in the world is Snot Burgler?

  36. Jimmy37

    Bra Snappa……….oops, wrong mob.

  37. Rob Manning

    While we all seem to be discussing Mr Shorten, can someone tell him there is no such thing as quonnas. There is an airline operating in Australia called Qantas with a T. His laziness in speech is matched by his uselessness as the ALP leader.

  38. Ted Parker

    Hooray to Antechinuses!!

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