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Feb 25, 2014

Blorp Rootington to the rescue!

Meet Bulb Snerton, Australia's friend. He's here to help you *conditions apply.

First Dog On The Moon

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39 thoughts on “Blorp Rootington to the rescue!

  1. leon knight

    Oh dear – rather harsh FD…but the basic truth can not be avoided.
    Tough medicine for us Labor supporters that prefer to think our party has a kinder attitude (on most things), but the facts are out there….
    Definitely time Blink Shorthairs and his colleagues to get their thinking caps on and start devising some decent policies to win the next election with.

  2. Stevo the Working Twistie

    pill snorter

  3. Andybob

    Isn’t he in Paris ?

  4. linda

    SPOT ON! your doggy nose has sniffed out Bub’s fakery. Now where’s bloody Richard “aren’t I good looking” Marles?

    AND as for fucking Joel “Snorty” Fitzgiggle AND Mark “cutie pie dimples” Butler well just forgeddaboudit

    I’m so old I remember when ALP had pollies that meant stuff (oh Jim…)

  5. Nola St Jack

    was it better when he was missing??? can he be missing again??

  6. rhwombat

    Bilbo Sporran! FTW! If the ALP won’t let us have our choice of leader, at least they could accede to our choice of name for a leader.

  7. rhwombat

    As for Graeme the mardo – any chance that he’ll succumb to the usual fate of his species? Blorp Rootington for nominative determinism.

  8. klewso

    I though Blot Sniffer wore a bucket?

  9. Dez Paul

    It seems Bulb’s credibility gap ain’t shortening at all. You ain’t helping FD.

    And Graeme’s a male antechinus?! We’ll all be fu cked before he dies.

    Bilbo Sporran gets my vote. Hoots.

    Meow indeed.

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