Why should we reward queue jumpers?

Crikey readers have their say on refugees in Papua New Guinea and the importance of native languages.

When good people do nothing …

Les Heimann writes: Re. “Rundle: the inconvenient truth about our PNG ‘solution‘” (Friday).Guy Rundle calls for the dismantling of refugee camps in PNG, and he is so correct. How long will the vast majority of Australian’s squirm and rationalise PNG refugee camps as acceptable? I bet that at every dinner party or social gathering when the question of refugees raises its “inconvenient” head people furiously set aside their shame concerning the “PNG solution”.

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One thought on “Why should we reward queue jumpers?

  1. Rebecca Smith

    Ken, what is a ‘self-selecting refugee?’ The word ‘refugee’ has no room for self selection or otherwise. It is a person outside of their country who has a well-founded fear of persecution. If *you* were in strife in a war zone (and by virtue of accident of birth, you aren’t), would you wait shivering in a refugee camp risking rape and other violence, or would you ‘self-select’ yourself to leave if you could? I have a 20 year old son – I would self-select him to get to a place of safety. It isn’t a difficult brain exercise to do. All those refugee Jews, where we get the Refugee Convention from because the world was shocked to its collective conscience, did they sit in refugee camps waiting for benevolence, or did whatever they could to escape Hitler’s pogroms. And do not forget, Hitler’s goons were terrorizing Jews and other undesirables long before the Final Solution came in. Final Solution, Pacific Solution – has a bit of a ring to it, hey? Please Ken, if you are going to suggest Reffos take a legal route, please explain what this is. Maybe you can solve all the refugees problems by informing them of this as-yet undiscovered and undisclosed ‘legal route’ and how this fits in with the fact (yes, a fact) that it is never illegal to claim asylum.

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