Feb 24, 2014


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17 thoughts on “Royal Commission into Australian Wimpery now!

  1. zut alors

    Judge Judy could sort out Scrott pronto: she’s good at detecting bullsh*t & humbling low life.

  2. paddy

    Welcome back FD.
    You’ve been missed.

    But after today’s effort….
    I suspect you’ll be getting a visit from those friendly chaps,
    ordering you to get in the van.

  3. klewso

    Anyone seen my sheet – I left it out on the line last night….?

  4. drmick

    Where have you been? There is a man from the government kicking dogs until they don’t move anymore. He is blaming someone else for it but don’t you go any where near him or his friends.

    They are not even using a metaphor these days; they are asking a direct question? it started off as a man kicking a dog. We all looked away and now its dead. We have been warned that they will do it again. They have brought in fresh boots and guns. At least dogs have got the RSPCA to protect them.

  5. ernmalleyscat

    Australia is now Manup Island. No place for wimps or women or do gooders. The tough guys are in charge and Tony’s got the conch.

  6. First Dog On The Moon

    ahahah Manup Island you should tweet that I will retweet and it will make the internet funnier

  7. rhwombat

    emc! Squared! The Island of Dr Moreauson.

  8. Dez Paul

    Force feed all wimps a cup of cement. That’ll harden em.

  9. AR

    Hope the tan was worth it, we’ve been dying through dearth here.

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