Feb 24, 2014

Hyperbolic outrage and trolling to quieten the constant assault

Trolling is not about the trolls. It's the product of increasingly histrionic communication, where everything provokes outrage. And the reasons behind Charlotte Dawson's death are much more complicated.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

I was more or less ruined by people I did not know. I was working in FM radio and I had my generous share of attention from the antecedents of the sorts of people we now call “trolls”.

I still get it a bit: critiques on the conservatism of the campaign for same-sex marriage scored me some recent death threats. Oddly, all from people who felt the need to point out they were straight. But these moments of excitement are now rare compared to when I was a young broadcaster.

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29 thoughts on “Hyperbolic outrage and trolling to quieten the constant assault

  1. patricia Seal

    Thanks for setting your thoughts down in words for me to read. No way to `Share’ to my timeline for my friends to read so will copy and paste it. Best wishes always. Tricia Goldie ♥

  2. rhwombat

    Thank you, Ms Razor.

  3. klewso

    Can you blame some people for wanting to emulate “the paid professionals”?

  4. Fleur

    Thanks for keeping on writing and sharing, Helen. I love reading your stuff.

  5. Venise Alstergren

    Stunningly brilliant article Ms Razor. Thank you.

  6. David

    It must have been really tough for you to spill your guts on this untimely and oh so sad affair. You shine like the heavens, Helen.

    As we reel in the years life passes so quick, everything seems impermanent and transient but memories of friends and those special occasions stay with us for an eternity.

    It’s walking on egg-shells here, but I fear the govt trolls will use this high profile case to clamp down on the internet and social media as a pretext to counter cyber bullying.

    I pray they have the decency not to.

  7. Simon

    Why not play Uriah Heep? Salisbury is a great album

  8. Michael Cooper

    Thank You Helen for providing insight into an activity I have hitherto not even vaguely understood. I have enjoyed the maturation and blossoming of your writing over the past decade, more or less share your liberal views, and respect what you have to say in those instances where I do not understand or find myself of different opinion.

  9. JohnB

    Memorable writing.

    It can’t be easy to write with passion and balance and huge personal openness, all at the same time. I guess that you put an incredible amount of time into this, far beyond whatever the casual rates at Crikey justify.


  10. Frances McT

    Regarding the ‘why’ I said as much on twitter. We are obsessed on answering each and every question. We need to accept that perhaps there isn’t an answer.
    RIP Charlotte

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