Feb 24, 2014

Morrison’s use of asylum seeker death unravels as facts come back to bite

Scott Morrison's insistence on using an asylum seeker's death as a political tool has left him exposed, as his initial claim about Manus Island was quickly shown to be false.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has been brought undone by the characteristics that make him the quintessential Abbott government minister: his inexperience, his aggression and his disdain for facts.

In his first press conference last Tuesday following the killing of Reza Berati on Manus Island, Morrison saw in Berati’s death — which, he acknowledged, was a tragedy — an opportunity to criticise asylum seekers. Berati had “put himself at risk” by leaving the detention centre, Morrison explained:

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49 thoughts on “Morrison’s use of asylum seeker death unravels as facts come back to bite

  1. Saugoof

    The problem is that, like with the whole children overboard saga, the first lines he uttered will probably be all that ends up being remembered. How many people still believe asylum seekers threw their kids overboard? How many people stopped listening once they heard that Reza Berati is to blame for his own death?

    As Mark Twain (may have) said, “A lie is halfway around the world before the truth puts on its boots”

  2. MJPC

    Lies have short legs part 3:
    Something bad must have happened; Commandant Morrison deened himself to be interviewed by those lefties at the ABS this AM about the unruliness on Gulag MI.
    Obviously Ray Hadley was not available over at 2GB, evidently off the air as a result of his own neferious activities.

  3. DiddyWrote

    Totally agree Bernard, this casual disdain for the truth will be the signature of an Abbott led government.
    Another will be the continual screaming and shouting and feigned outrage whenever they are questioned about events and policy.

  4. Tyler T

    Refugees are murdered in his ‘care’ and of course his first instinct is to defame them on the basis of contested internal reports. Apparently this is the sort of ‘non-wimpish’ behaviour our loathesome prime minister is looking for in his cabinet.

  5. Jan Forrester

    Remember when Morrison was Tourism Minister: devising, or approving the not-memorable campaign line: “Where the bloody hell are you?”

  6. klewso

    Abbott can’t sack him – as you say he’s “The Quintessential Abbott Minister” – arrogant to the last – sack him and where would it end – you’d have to sack the lot?
    He will have to get that fire-wall checked though.

  7. Andybob

    I think I’d rather a thorough,truthful and competent wimp for a Minister than an aggressive partisan grenade tosser.

  8. rossmcg


    Exactly, Abbott and his fellow ministers get up in public day after day and lie about the carbon tax forcing businesses to close. Abbott said it the other day.
    Brandis told senate estimates today the the Tories inherited a government that was broke. Probably the only broke government in the world with an AAA credit rating.
    Abetz goes on and on about a wages explosion.
    As Goebbels did, just keep repeating the lie.

  9. Finn Human

    polls show Australians want asylum seekers treated more harshly. if anything, i would expect recent events to improve the governments popularity.

  10. klewso

    “A more experienced politician might have …..” – like Reith, and Howard?

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