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Feb 24, 2014

Crikey says: Hockey the king of the left-wing gabfest

Now we want to ship asylum seekers to Cambodia -- Crikey gets reaction from Phnom Penh. Plus Bernard Keane on Scott Morrison's unravelling story. What Joe Hockey achieved with the G20. Reforming the aged pension. Charlotte Dawson and the Twitter trolls: Helen Razer's own experience. And Guardian economics in Australia.

Now here's a photo for Joe Hockey's pool room ...

There he was over the weekend in Sydney, among the most powerful money men and women of the world, leading the discussion among G20 nations on global economic policy, nailing down an agreement any pro-business government would be proud of: growth, growth, growth. The Treasurer has come a long way. In 2009, from the opposition benches, he dismissed the G20 as a left-wing conspiracy. It was "a centre-left movement", he told Sky News, and he was "strongly opposed to the government being the centre of everyone's lives". Not so much when you're actually in government, presumably. At least not in front of his new friends.

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13 thoughts on “Crikey says: Hockey the king of the left-wing gabfest

  1. klewso

    Again, “Hip. Hip. Hypocrisy!”

  2. David Hand

    Yet another puerile pointless editorial from Crikey. Why shouldn’t our treasurer have dialogue with the G20 finance ministers and at the same time have a different policy view regarding social spending and deficits?

    I don’t actually think the G20 has become less addicted to deficit spending but the growth agenda that has emerged this week end shows you could argue that Hockey has shifted the thinking of G20 economic policy. But we wouldn’t read that in Crikey, where all we get is a foolish idea that he has sold out.

  3. dazza

    Parliamentary secretary Steve Siobo was heard on radio frothing and loathing about ALP and their reckless spending hasn’t helped any left wing government in the world. Thats why he wants to stop stimulus packages to everyone (in the world). He sounded like he has no idea how the stimulus works, just like Joe ‘what recession’ Hockey.


    The left right paradigm is false and when it comes to monetary policy it is patently fraudulent.

    All the major banks of world are bankrupt. The total amount of derivatives owned by these banks is believed to be in excess of $US 1.2 quadrillion dollars. This will not end well.

    They intend to recapitalise by asset stripping in all western countries as they did using a ‘bail in’ prototype in Cyprus. In Australia the RBA has, on behalf of the big four banks, stitched up a $380 billion globally unique permanent bail out facility and it’s ready to go. The fact that this arrangement is taxpayer backed is well hidden from the punters.

    All this, government getting out of the way talk, in response to the demise of GM car manufacturing and SPC food processing is pure banker inspired propaganda. The financial media in this country with few exceptions are utterly despicable.

  5. Pedantic, Balwyn

    @David Hand, another typical response from someone affronted by a factual comparison between what Joe Hockey said in 2009 and his attitude in a leadership role. What is puerile and pointless is the constant repetition of three word slogans, worker bashing and ignoring the fact that the LNP should be governing for all Australians, not just “big business”.

  6. zut alors

    Hockey should be aware not all growth is healthy after stunting his own.

  7. Matt Hardin

    I would be much happier if these clowns sat down and worked out how to collect taxes from multinationals. The Economist magazine estimates that $20,000,000,000,000 ($20 trillion) or $1 trillion each is squirreled away in tax havens (for comparison our whole GDP is about $1.5 trillion). You can’t tell me that the 20 biggest economies in the world can’t get that money if they really want it.

  8. AR

    I loved Sloppy’s spouting about “a $2T boost which would create tens of millions of jobs” – depending on how many “tens” that’d be way under our minimum wage for 40 hours. Ta muchly.

  9. Electric Lardyland

    Uh huh, so I wonder what the G20 were doing, before Joe showed up and convinced them to, “Go For Growth”? Were they, ‘Aiming For Recession’ or ‘Striving For Mediocrity’? Personally, I suspect that they may have been actually trying to grow their economies. Well, let’s just be thankful, that an Australian politician, managed to convince them of the value of an easily repeatable slogan, to spruik a non-mandatory, nebulous and quickly forgotten target.

  10. klewso

    “Window Dressing for Dummies” – the next one’s going to be at a hot-air balloon festival?

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