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Crikey Says

Feb 21, 2014

Crikey says: a call for doubt (just like Bolt)

Tony Abbott's new crusade: the internet. Crikey compares: just how raw is Qantas' deal? Guy Rundle on the inconvenient truth on Manus Island. Celebrating indigenous languages. Helen Razer on artists' Biennale boycott. And saving the artistic treasures of Syria. Plus your handy Follow Friday.


Sometimes this space is hard to fill. Sometimes there is no definitive response. Good arguments on both sides. Sometimes there is just grey. Doubt.

Even Andrew Bolt has doubts. Seriously. As he told the ABC’s One Plus One program (airing tonight):

“I doubt myself, whether I’m right, whether I’m being nice enough, whether I’ve got my facts there, whether what I write is of interest …”

The Herald Sun ideologue insists he isn’t always sure. And he says he admires doubt in others; he tells the program he’s attracted to Tony Abbott because the Prime Minister is not afraid to question his convictions and prevailing attitudes.

It is dogmatism that wrecks political debate, wilful certainty where there isn’t any. The words “I’m not sure” are banned from the game, and the solutions are even further away as a result.

Each day, we doubt. We certainly doubt Andrew Bolt ever demonstrates indecision in his columns — but we wholeheartedly support the sentiment.

There’s a line from the play/film Doubt that has one priest saying:

“Doubt can be a bond as powerful and sustaining as certainty.”

Amen to that.


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