Tips and rumours

Feb 20, 2014

Tips and rumours

Wanted: FIFO caseworkers in PNG ... Macquarie Bank gets a spark ... Xenophon rejects Qantas' VIP club ... Qantas food horror stories ...

From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours …

Wanted: FIFO caseworkers in PNG. Here’s an exciting opportunity … apparently. Fancy a trip to Manus Island to help deal with desperate asylum seekers? Sydney-based recruitment firm Julie Warner Health dispatched this missive — subject line: “Newsflash!! Caseworkers required to deliver services in PNG starting this Saturday!” — to its database yesterday morning …

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4 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. Electric Lardyland

    I’d be willing to take very short odds, if anyone wants to bet with me, that Emma Gough – Senior Recruitment Consultment, uses the phrase that I find immensely irritating, ‘it’s all good’.
    What a vacuous assault on the English language!
    “A dynamic international organisation”…this is what they call mercenaries these days, isn’t it?
    “however those of you who like adventurous challenges”…well, yes, it is a hell hole.
    “You will provide holistic support”…err, there are more than a few people whose bodies have machete and bullet holes, do you think that you can stop them from killing themselves?
    “play a critical role in the case management of people on the ground.”… the beating that they received, makes it a bit difficult for them to get off the ground.
    “You will have experience in providing services in a hospital setting or to community groups.”…well, a detention centre is just like a hospital and a prison population is just like a community.
    “If you have colleagues / friends who would jump at such an interesting role, please refer them to me.”…help! If things keep on going like they’re going, I’ll have to fly to Manus and employ locals!
    “to be first in line!”…err…I just don’t understand why the community was upset by this phrase?

  2. klewso

    That job? Chainmail supplied?

  3. zut alors

    Good on Xenophon, the salmon who swims against the freebie stream, I like him even more now.

    Re meals on aircraft: unless it’s an international flight why would you bother touching their food or snacks. Most of the snacks are sugar although Qantas does offer an apple to noisily crunch.

  4. David Hand

    Airline food.
    Good grief.
    Good grief.
    You buy a ticket for 99c and then expect a gourmet meal at 35,000 feet?

    Gimme a break.

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