Feb 19, 2014

The atrocities of North Korea: we have to engage, not isolate

The UN report into human rights atrocities in North Korea is clear: only engagement, not isolation or aggression, will improve the situation. Deakin lecturer and north-east Asia researcher Danielle Chubb reports.

The United Nations report on North Korean human rights should impel the international community to action and engagement.


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3 thoughts on “The atrocities of North Korea: we have to engage, not isolate

  1. simon blackall

    An article that says precisely nothing!

  2. The Pav

    I can hardly imagine “shit happens” Abbot taking any humanitarian action. As our PM said there are bad people in the world. Just look at our Immigration Minister for example. Besides if we criticsed the North Koreans after what has happened at Manus wouldn’t that be the height of hypocrisy not that would worry our paragon of virtue of a PM

  3. Chris Hartwell

    The regime knows that any engagement with external bodies only opens it up to being held accountable (Kim was educated abroad after all) and accountability in this context will mean harsh punishment. He’ll never go for that.

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