Feb 19, 2014

Now Morrison puts his foot in it: comments compound asylum seeker threat

Scott Morrison has compounded a serious data breach by the Department of Immigration by providing the location of documents that reveal personal information on asylum seekers.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison appears to have worsened the Department of Immigration’s accidental release of information relating to asylum seekers by revealing exactly where the information was located, further exposing asylum seekers and their families to the potential for retribution.


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31 thoughts on “Now Morrison puts his foot in it: comments compound asylum seeker threat

  1. paddy

    Morrison’s performance plays out like some particularly dark satire. What a pity there are real people, put at real risk by this latest piece of breathtaking stupidity.

  2. Barrington Carrington

    Hahaha, hilarious Crikey! As if we’re going to believe that a government minister would make such as grievous error as this. What…? He did? Seriously…? Oh…

  3. Liamj

    What makes anyone think Morrison erred? His policy is to frighten refugees away, and his enthusiasm for G4S & PNG stormtroopers hasn’t waned with the recent killing. Ensuring the info leak was as comprehensive as possible is a no-brainer, from his no-ethics POV.

  4. Marie Ryan

    My jubilance at the complete mess Morrison and cohorts are making now they are in govt (after their 6 years of relentless mocking of Labor) is modified by the tragic consequences for the asylum seekers who have the misfortune to be under their control.

  5. Patriot

    Who cares? Not me. They all give fake names and ages anyway. That’s why they have to ditch their documents before they get here. Who could forget the balding 15 year old Afghan with wrinkles.

    Coming to Australia clearly isn’t working out for these people anymore. I think they just need to find another country to go to.

  6. MJPC

    Will AG Brandt publicly criticise his fellow traveller for making sensitive information available?
    We have had wikileaks, now Morrileaks!

  7. David Duncan

    It is strange, the Minister is so well practised at keeping “on-water” operational military matters quiet…

  8. drmick

    More fabulous news from the crikey politician of the year and his team. What next? Bring in the army to break up unions? Close the ABC so absolutely no truth gets told anywhere?. Yep , politician of the century at this rate.

  9. Nigel Stanley

    The only good thing about this Morrison creature is his incompetence.

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