Feb 19, 2014

Media briefs: Mitchell v Stutch… Bolt’s back … Thomson mugshot …

There seems to be a bit of bad blood between The Australian editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell and his former protege Michael Stutchbury. Plus other media snippets of the day.

No love lost between Fin and Oz. This is rather something. In an editorial today, The Australian calls on Fairfax chief Greg Hywood to “salvage the reputation” of The Australian Financial Review before “it’s completely shredded by the deranged output of senior reporter Neil Chenoweth”, who’s supposedly given free rein under the “the inattentive eye of AFR editor-in-chief Michael Stutchbury”.


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5 thoughts on “Media briefs: Mitchell v Stutch… Bolt’s back … Thomson mugshot …

  1. stephen Matthews

    I am a fan of Neil Chenoweth and I believe we went to the same school ( that’s BGS) . He and I were in the same 4X100m relay team. Even then he was the unassuming, bespecalled high achiever . he deserves an entry in Wikipedia ..and I’ve submitted my Neil Chenoweth entry today.

  2. klewso

    It never ceases to amaze me the thin-skinned sensitivity of Limited News – when it comes to them being treated the way they think they have a every Right to single out, to judge, to crucify, to bully, to condemn, to heckle, to demean, to ridicule, to treat anyone else, selectively.
    As if their “omnipotence if evidence based” – and not to be questioned or contradicted – as they try to influence the thinking of the greater public?
    [If you’ve vacated news to move to the entertainment industry, you should be able to cop the heckling that you live off? Accept that there are those, just as good or better at it than you, out there.]

  3. klewso

    Looking forward to “Blot’s Brownies”?

  4. Will

    “What went wrong?” This seemingly benign question involves a category mistake about the real political nature of the Oz. It imagines some basic forces of decency and collegiality move to contain Mitchell in a journalistic détente. Nothing of that nature should be assumed. Certainly particular things can act as a catalyst in deteriorating relations with the notoriously brittle egos of Holt St, as the Rudds experienced following Mitchell’s divorce. But you either accept the Manichean cartoonish reality of his worldview and thus get the softball treatment, or you’re otherwise placed as an unreliance other / enemy, and fall somewhere on a fickle scale of forbearance, depending on the particular political exigencies of the day.

  5. zut alors

    An extra 30 minutes of The B0lter! Australia, we are indeed the lucky country…

  6. klewso

    Isn’t freedom of speech great – when you control so much of it?
    Another 30 minutes of Murdoch’s “Conservative erotica”? “The Lord of the Rings”? “Forest Hump”? “Enema of The State”? “Pulp Friction”?
    Viagra sales should go up?

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