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Feb 19, 2014

Crikey says: Morrison exports his department’s failure

A major data breach identifies asylum seekers. Plus Guy Rundle on the politics. Inside Qantas' exclusive lounge -- where the political deals are done. Proceeds of crime and behind the raid on Channel Seven. Micro-parties priced out of the election. Newspaper editors at war: Crikey mediates. What to do about North Korea. And Jane Caro: are lefties smarter?

The federal government worries about the damage to our international reputation from reports broadcast across the region on the ABC. Perhaps the government could simply not spy on the leaders of allied nations. Or mismanage detention centres to fuel violence and even death. Or not identify -- actually identify -- the poor souls to the brutal regimes they fled from. You can expect that last little PR blunder -- one that actually puts the lives of thousands of asylum seekers in some peril -- to be broadcast across the world via The Guardian today (and no doubt by the ABC). They would laugh at us overseas if they weren't so appalled at the sheer incompetence and unthinkable potential risk. It is Australian policy -- bipartisan, in effect -- to place asylum seekers into a cruel, unending purgatory offshore. That policy -- if "stopping the boats" is its measure -- appears to be working. But as Bernard Keane argued yesterday, the government cannot outsource accountability over the process. This is dangerous, already deadly, management failure within the Department of Immigration under Minister Scott Morrison's watch. The victims of Morrison's "whatever it takes" approach are mounting. The world is watching.

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7 thoughts on “Crikey says: Morrison exports his department’s failure

  1. Bill Hilliger

    Morrison (jesus loves me yes I know for the bible tells me so) just doesn’t f*cking care. Many people seem to agree with what is going on and how its managed.

  2. The Pav

    Dear Crikey

    Before accepting the coalitions lines that there incompetence and cruelty has “stopped the boats” please do some research on how the weather/seasons/cyclones affect things/

    And while you’re at it since the PM accepts that drought is part of the Australian condition could he please explain that support to farmers is justified under “exceptional circumstances”. I can’t imagine any “real” journalists asking the question so could you.

  3. graybul

    Refugees fleeing war, oppression, poverty, cannot be stopped. Such people’s are driven by the greatest motivation available to humankind . . Hope!
    Climate alone, guarantees mass exodus of people(s) . . internal or external; where there is no water, to where there is water! Incarceration, closed borders, intimidation, murder . . will not divert. Australia must eventually learn, as will the World at large, to embrace, be enriched by, and design a means allowing rediscovery of core values that this Nation previously aspired to.

  4. Bill Hilliger

    The Pav, I would be very surprised if the wet season had no effect on the boats. But you’re correct in the knowledge that the churnalists would not have the competence to ask how the farmer support is justified under exceptional circumstances. However if the churnalists asked the buffoon in charge of treasury he would just (as once before)glibly say “it just is.”

  5. The Pav

    Hi Bill @ 4

    I’m going to follow our PMs example and state that 100% of any decrease in arrivals is due to the Monsoon/Cyclone season. just take my word for it and we won’t bother with a proper investigation because I just know it is so….Seem OK?

    As to Sloppy Joe based on his performance with Alcoa I’m expecting him to blame the drought on the CARBON TAX

    Having spent almost a life time in and around agriculture and still having family members in the industry I have a great deal of empathy but I think of you have nine years of drought the a couple of good years then another five years of drought, still unbroken then maybe God (If he/she exists) is trying to tell you something.

    I had it explained tome years ago when very young and complaining about not being able to manage the risk of low rain fall that I was wrong. There is a very easy way. Go to somewhere where the rain does fall. It isn’t that hard really just means people have to make decisions they don’t want to. I still maintain that John Kerin was the best Ag minister this country has had.

  6. klewso

    The way he’s acting, I wonder if Scrott’s got a new one of those “fire-walls”? Or he’s using Howard’s or Reith’s or Ruddock’s, or Downer’s, or Vaile’s, or Andrew’s – the ones they used to keep them from the truth – especially helpful during “Children Overboard”? So they could keep peddling porkies to the public in the face of that election and later events?
    […… Reckon he’s looking more and more like Reith?]

  7. AR

    I almost threw my radio at the wall a couple of days ago when Morriscum, on the 2GovernmentBroadcast with Rat Hately said “I am always available to the press to answer questions”.

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