Caro’s flotsam and jetsam: doom, gloom and stupidity edition

It turns out that those on the Left side of politics are smarter than those on the Right ... plenty of people claim to have god on their side ... climate change could end us all in 20 years ...

Jane Caro

Novelist, author and social commentator

The Left and the stupid. It’s a bit of a dark time for those on the Left of politics these days, and given how far the rest of the world has moved to the Right, being even slightly Left of centre has never been easier. Anyway, those of us on the distaff side of things have to take our comfort where we can find it, particularly in the face of an apparent recovery by the federal government in the polls.

To my astonishment, I found my bit of comfort this week in the Daily Mail of all unlikely places, with this rather delightful bit of research concluding that left-wingers are smarter than those on the Right. Whether it’s better than most of the junk research we see in the media nowadays, I have no idea, but hey, it made me feel a little better for a nanosecond or two. As did this tweet from editor-in-chief Joan Walsh:

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17 thoughts on “Caro’s flotsam and jetsam: doom, gloom and stupidity edition

  1. leon knight

    Great effort Jane – well done.
    I am trying to remember the wording and source of an old comment, along the lines of “I never meant to say that all conservatives are stupid, merely that stupid people are generally conservative…”

  2. Marsha

    Being ensconced within the Right/Left dictum shows a high level of immaturity. Move on Jane and shine.

  3. Alex


    Very sadly, in these days of shameful conservative rule, there is a lot about which to be dark! I do worry about those poor souls in New Guinea detention centres.

    To add to our worries, there’s a recently published book, called “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History”, by Elizabeth Kolbert. Reputedly based on sound research, I gather it makes chilling reading. I’m about to buy it.

    Mind you, that tweet you included at the end of your article, made me laugh! But, with so much of her life ahead of her, I’m now worrying about that three-year-old’s future! It never ends…except in might in 20 years’ time!

    Cheers, Alex.

  4. klewso

    Fear (of not being Right) can be mighty constricting?

  5. klewso

    There are those – even at the ABC – that are overly prepared to give Morrison the benefit of the doubt – no matter how many times he leaves the cage he keeps his real feelings in, open.
    How long can they overlook his “admissions”?

  6. Mark Duffett

    Apparently Caro didn’t notice that the Guardian piece she referred to was from 2008. So only 14 years to go.

  7. The Pav


    I think the saying is “Not all conservative people are stupid but all stupid people are conservative”

  8. Catherine Scott

    Re right-left intelligence differences the comments on articles, blog posts etc provide ample confirmatory evidence.

  9. sharples peter

    gee Caro, the right can’t be that stupid, the owner of the Australian just stole $980M from the public purse and no-one seems to care

  10. Thomas McLoughlin

    My questions about James Lovelock include:

    1. Is he Aspergers hence the high intellect life in a bolt hole?

    2. Rachel Carson is/was undoubtedly important as a founding figure of the modern environment movement and as a voice for ecological sanity, while I still find the media embrace of Lovelock bemusing. Is he nearly as important as Carson, or really just a big media reprise of their childhood fondness for Tintin and the Seven Crystal Balls featuring the genius nitwit Prof Calculus?

    3. Because things should come in threes – Does he prefer the world dies when he does? Is this the ultimate manifestation of egomania?

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