Feb 19, 2014

Australian media asleep at the wheel on proceeds of crime

The legislation enabling the AFP to raid the Seven Network over payments to Schapelle Corby was put in place over a decade ago. And no one spoke up about it.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Why were Australian Federal Police officers raiding the offices of the Seven Network yesterday in search of evidence about payments to Schapelle Corby?


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12 thoughts on “Australian media asleep at the wheel on proceeds of crime

  1. klewso

    And when law enforcement agencies go hand-in-glove with certain media for their own benefit?

  2. Kevin Rennie

    How does the law apply to people such as Peter Greste if he is convicted and publishes/profits later?

  3. Mayan

    Silly me, I though imprisonment was the punishment. Good luck to those who can turn their hand to writing or whatever and make a few dollars.

  4. Marcus G

    The one thing no one is asking here is has Corby got paid? If she has an Australian bank account then this would be easily tracked, one would assume. If she’s got an Indonesian bank account, does the AFP have authority to check that? Are there the same id requirements in Indonesian as here? Can she open one in a false name? Did the AFP ask 7 for details of such a transaction and 7 refused? Did they seek simply turn up to 7 unannounced? Seems there were media present when they arrived. Silly commentary on Studio 10 this morning with various out cries of ‘how dare they’! Well how dare SC get paid for her illegal deeds!

  5. zut alors

    In Corby’s case could the money be legally paid directly to another family member?

    Frankly, with the breadth of parole restrictions on her she’d be well-advised to remain silent. Although the commercial media will love it if she’s re-arrested & again incarcerated as it will create another circus giving them more tripe to publish. Yawn.

  6. negativegearmiddleclasswelfarenow.com

    What the AFP raid on channel 7 indicates is that toxic effect of the squalid and grubby behaviour of the Howard government post 9/11 lingers.
    The raid demonstrates a level of acute panic within the AFP – in the past they have been able to manipulate the situation in Bali to ensure Corby went behind bars and in collaboration with the MSM and other government agencies keep her there.
    Questions about missing CCTV footage and post 9/11 baggage handler corruption remain. The AFP is worried about Corby talking, payment or no payment.
    That a bevy of corrupt senior politicians, high ranking police officers and senior journalists colluded to put an innocent citizen behind bars in a foreign land to hide their own nefarious behaviour and appease the Indonesian government is an increasingly foul stench in the nostrils of the Australian community.
    The abuse of an underdog by the establishment will be seen by the average Aussie as a High Crime not dissimilar to treason. As this could happen to anyone of us, it is a fundamental affront to our national character. If the elites want to staunch this they need to reign in the AFP – I believe that it may be too little too late.

  7. JohnB

    What tired crap this is.

    I don’t have any sympathy for cheque book journalism. This isn’t a freedom of the press issue, unless someone wants to argue that the press must be free to bribe their way to a story.

    The AFP argument that it is not a free speech issue is entirely correct.

    There’s simply no story here, apart from a few AFP coppers doing their duty, without delay or apology.

    I wish that there was more of it and, if the evidence exists, that they find it and go for the jugular.

    And I wish that the men and women of the press wrote less about their own industry and more about the world beyond their office doors.

    That includes Keane and Crikey. It’s boring.

  8. TheFamousEccles

    John B – hear, hear!

  9. AR

    Interesting that they began to try to get Hicks’ payments then withdrew the case. Anyway, isn’t the fact that Blot et al have a salary “proceeds of crime”?

  10. Salamander

    Raids on media “to prevent them paying money”?? This sounds like part of the terrorist legislation. How come it can be applied elsewhere just as we feared?

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