Feb 17, 2014

Tony Abbott’s highly revealing lie about why we spy

The latest Snowden revelations about Australia reveal how surveillance is aimed at economic espionage - despite the Prime Minister's claims otherwise.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

One of the interesting consequences of the latest round of Edward Snowden revelations by James Risen and Laura Poitras of The New York Times is that Prime Minister Tony Abbott immediately, blatant and demonstrably lied about Australia’s intelligence-gathering.


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30 thoughts on “Tony Abbott’s highly revealing lie about why we spy

  1. MJPC

    BK, thank you.”It’s more than just economic espionage, it destroys the rule of law”! I am certain the Australian taxpayer will find out only too soon when the Hague completes its deliberation over the East Timor fisaco and Alex Downer ASIO adventurism on behalf of Woodside.
    In my lexicon Edward Snowdon is one of the worlds true hero’s in making this skull duggery transparent.

  2. klewso

    What is “fascism”?

  3. klewso

    ….. Abbott Tony was known to be phoney;
    He was always bending words
    And so they gave his personal Credlin
    Now his meanings are all deterred……

  4. Dan B

    Economic espionage is something that has been around forever. You get a real gist for it reading John Perkins’ “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”. Surprisingly, Indonesia features throughout…

    Spy craft is the 2nd oldest profession, next to prostitution, so why is it so alarming that we are constantly reminded it happens? Are there not more pressing matters that require more attention? Yes there are: The Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    I guess this is why the TPP was so heavily guarded against public knowledge. Since information of it began trickling out it reeks to high heaven that certain Governments want all of its/their actions inhibited from the public. It is profound that our Government is entertaining its signing. And when it does, articles like this will vanish and we will be completely kept in the dark.

    I once heard the saying “ignorance is bliss”. But I see nothing blissful about the direction our current elected leaders are leading us.

  5. Drew Blue

    “or Defence Signals Directorate as it was then, had to be “mentored” by the Americans in breaking into the communications of PNG’s tiny defence force, ranked 151st in the world.”

    If this were n’t so serious it would be hilarious.

    Ooga booga umba bumba urry up you men and hide dem spears and clubs coz dont u know, dey watchin us.

  6. MJPC

    Drew Blue, Oh so true especially when Australia gave PNG their navy (ex-RAN patrol boats- could have used them now to grab those pesky refugee’s) and their Air Force (used to be ex-RAAF DC-3’s) but probably to stop those nasty Chinese (or others apart from the US corporations) making deals with the PNG for their extensive natural resources.

  7. Bill Hilliger

    I expect the churnalists in the Ostralian Noospaper will have wall to wall articles in their rag on these latest revelations …then again I am a dreamer. I expect also that there will be a significant bounce in the polls for the gummint as tony pinochio muddles through on this issue. No wonder the AG was quick to say Snowden harmed our national security and Aussie lives. Well the AG should look closer to home at our esteemed leader and perhaps himself to see where that threat really exists. One day we as a nation will get our comeuppance from Indonesia and China in terms of reduced favouritism in trade, etc. No doubt by that time the current crop of main chancers and spivs that form this gummint will be long gone.

  8. Watcher On The Wall

    This is another tremendous article from Bernard Keane re Echelon and it’s incessant surveillance and commercial espionage.

    But it’s also just another tentacle from the giant octopus that threatens to strangle the world and drain it’s personal freedoms.

    Colonialism is still alive and well and our own PM is prepared to lie to cover it. How did Brandis ever get on that Joint Surveillance Committee?

  9. Observation

    It astounds me how Abbott and Brandis look so stupid once they venture outside of the slogans. Yes our intelligence agency has probably crossed the line and it will continue to be exposed as more details come to light. But for the sake of international diplomacy keep this pair of foot-in-mouth diseased, holier than thou wrecking balls away from it all.

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