Targets not the way forward for indigenous justice

Crikey readers talk productivity and wages, and the federal Indigenous Affairs Minister has his say on Aboriginal incarceration rates.


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4 thoughts on “Targets not the way forward for indigenous justice

  1. CML

    David Hand – Just in case you haven’t noticed, productivity has increased significantly on the ‘factory floor’ since the introduction of the Fair Work Act. it went backwards under Workchoices.
    Where productivity is lagging, is at the managerial level and above. Get it right!

  2. drsmithy

    I’d ask David Hand to look at the change in share of GDP going to labor vs capital and the increase in productivity vs incomes for the bottom 99th percentile for the last 30-odd years, and question when, indeed, the class warfare is going to stop and why the hell he thinks workers are anything more than cannon fodder in it.

    But, hey, maybe “the right” don’t want to drive down wages and destroy the middle class. However, this raises the question of why that’s what’s been happening for the last few decades they’ve been running the western world and why everything the advocate appears to reach for that goal.

  3. max steinman

    Businesses lowering prices after productivity gains? What planet are you from?

  4. Kevin_T

    Quote: “We need to ensure that we do not diminish the importance of current targets by any additions. The existing six targets were agreed to by the Council of Australian Governments in 2008, and any changes in targets are a matter for agreement through COAG. Setting target is one thing, achieving result is another. The government would need to be satisfied that a new target is the appropriate mechanism to improve real outcomes.”

    So consultation with Indigenous people, groups or organisations is not on the table then?

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