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Feb 14, 2014

Rundle: Planet Janet, a Wolf, the Lone Survivor and other illiberalism

Janet Albrechtsen writes on a spurious "cultural divide" in Hollywood and at home. Her fact-free propaganda exemplifies the illiberal spirit of the Right. Our writer-at-large goes to the movies.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


God, one swears one won’t train the telescope on Planet Janet Albrechtsen, much less record each elliptical wobble, but this week’s effort is too good.

There are times when your average op-ed columnist has no story, but writes one anyway — and runs a propaganda line to boot. Planet has a good record in that, usually building up a story about “the elitez” from a couple of bits and bobs. The most recent example starts promisingly. “Here’s a story about the cultural divide …” Settle in.

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37 thoughts on “Rundle: Planet Janet, a Wolf, the Lone Survivor and other illiberalism

  1. rhwombat

    The fact that Planet Janet survives solely on wingnut welfare is telling, but entirely predictable.

  2. klewso

    She reminds me of one of those fairy floss machines?
    A spinning-head, hot air, something that rots your teeth, a bit of the Right colouring, heated and extruded through little holes, manifests itself as an aerated mass clotted on a stick, that does nothing for your nutritionally?
    [Pashmak? Pismaniye?]

  3. klewso

    It’s almost funny how it’s so patriotically everyone’s apparent duty and all Right to be sceptical, cynical abusive and openly contemptuous of a government of the Left – but as soon as it’s replaced by the Right’s sort of government sanctioned by Murdoch and then that sort of behaviour is treasonously traitorous unAustralian?

    [“Murdochracy 101”]
    Don’t you love what Murdoch has done to this country aided and abetted by his undies?

  4. zut alors

    You’ve hit the target today, Mr Rundle. Mind you, she’s a remarkably large target so you could’ve taken aim even blindfolded.

  5. klewso

    Any wonder Howard appointed the prejudiced intolerant tart to “The ABC Bored”?

  6. Electric Lardyland

    Thanks, Mr Wombat, I might borrow the term “wingnut welfare” sometime, if it’s okay with you?

  7. Liamj

    Look, the Right only has so many women prepared to parrot its agenda in public, and if they want to skip their homework and buy in cheap content from, well thats what priviledge is for. Its not like News Corp(se) consumers or editors will notice, none of them actually read it.

  8. klewso

    And you can’t wipe your bum with it – someone else beat you to that.

  9. Electric Lardyland

    On a more serious note, this sort of attempt to divide the polity between a virtuous heartland and degenerate urban areas, is not a new idea. And while I know that there is an unwritten law in debating circles, that anyone who mentions the Nazis automatically loses; I do think that it is worth mentioning that this sort of stereotyping was pushed in Nazi Germany. That is, the central, more provincial areas of Germany were seen as the homeland of the noble, hard working, cultured, and typical, Aryan. While the cosmopolitan cities of the north, like Hamburg and Berlin, were portrayed as places that had been decayed by foreign peoples and foreign ideas. And though there is a modern tendency to think of the whole of Germany under the spell of Hitler, some historians have pointed out that the Nazis, even at the height of their powers, did not garner majority support in Berlin; to the extent that they always had to bus people in for the rallies that they held in the capital.
    So the current idiotic version (formulated by people like Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, and regurgitated by Ms Albrechtsen) which characterises the western seaboard and the north east states of the USA as being full of effete, atheist, liberal elites, and anywhere else as the domain of the real Americans, does have have a long history.
    Actually, while typing this, I’m wondering if Athens and Sparta was an early example of this phenomenon? Anyone?

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