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Feb 14, 2014

Crikey says: a horrific case of domestic violence

There's high drama in the Channel Ten newsroom: Crikey goes inside. Bernard Keane on ministerial advisers and the week in review. Stilgherrian invests in the increasingly crowded digital currency market (Kim Coindashian?). Circulation watch: papers take a bath. Chris Mitchell stays put. And your weekly Follow Friday.

A pall across a city. The media scrambles to cover every angle …


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4 thoughts on “Crikey says: a horrific case of domestic violence

  1. drmick

    Here we go again.
    Gee those governments that changed the Mental Health Act, closed mental health institutions withdrew money meant for mental health, and saved on their budgets must be really proud of themselves now.
    This is a direct, foreseeable consequence of propping up a crappy private health system with public funds, then gutting what remains of the public system, then changing laws to suit a bean counter recommendation. You all have this kids blood on your hands and you have been complicit in every one of these type of incidents since 1987.
    It is a national disgrace.
    Hey Tony; save some more money; get rid of nedicare so only the rich can afford help. You will save a packet.

  2. The Pav

    Be nice if there is the same call to action as there was for Coward Punches

  3. klewso

    A “low priority” for Victorian police? What were they otherwise employed doing?

    [Imagine if this happened in Qld, while our boys in blue were out chasing bikies?]

  4. drmick

    We have to change the coppers priorities as well. What politicians regard as public enema number one, we call bad luck; the irony is, the politicians should be the target, and locked up first, then we can become humane and a community again. This village, along with a lot of others, was unsafe to raise a child in. Think about that. Unsafe to raise a child in. WTF do we need police taken away from policing? They changed the mental health act to ensure more LNP voters were out to vote. They have now decriminalised crime so even more LNP voters are out and about.

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