Feb 13, 2014

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26 thoughts on “Foodratingwebsitegate! Everyone must resign!

  1. Roy Inglis

    Dear Mr D Moon,

    This is not a conflict of interest. It’s a congruence of interest.

    You really should try to move with the times dear chap and stop living in the past. To get Australian’s open for business we will need to leave the musty old notions about probity (which as we all know or have been told, is always bad for ‘business’)behind us

    Although I admit that as a rather conservative chap, I have a nagging wonder about just what this ‘business’ will entail at a personal level. What orifice will we need to open wider in order to better accommodate this essential feature of the new Governments reaming, oops I mean reforming agenda.

    However, I am sure that the government knows that every accommodating orifice is but another ‘open for business’ opportunity as a great many of us will need much personal lubrication. After all, we wouldn’t want too much screaming while we get used to being very open for ‘business’.

  2. paddy

    A truly magnificent breakfast today FD.
    Corn flakes of interest with a frisson of PM’s testicles.

    Such a welcome return of our favourite nuts.

  3. zut alors

    It appears Liberal MPs are currently feasting on a diet of fibberburgers.

    Remember that old joke about a certain fast food chicken brand’s 17 secret herbs & spices: one was salt, the others were MSG.

  4. Coaltopia

    Too much information, hahahahaah.

  5. Dez Paul

    As Homer Simpson would have it, “hmmmmmmm, sugary death in a box. Aaaaarrrrgghhh”.

  6. rhwombat

    Primemustelidal sneaky nut! You promised…and you delivered, unlike Senator Nash. There must be a lot of crow in Liesagna. How wonderful to have a professional lobbyist for your chief of stuff, especially when you are Assistant Minister to the anticharismatic lump of ex-Queensland-police Gnu-pooh who hasn’t been seen or heard from since Little Johnny appointed him Assistant Treasurer and lost his seat. Precedence and ability are wonderful things in Toady’s party.

  7. drovers cat

    Organic food is not expensive: crap food is cheap

  8. Venise Alstergren

    Sugary death in a box indeed. A depressingly brilliant ‘toon.

    One of these days we will clap our eyes on Krusty Chocolate Croissants with self-igniting sauce, or something equally repulsive, but why do people buy this kind of trash?

  9. drmick

    Spot on Firsty. “The Kredlin will decide what food you eat and the amount type and accuracy of the information about that food we reckon you need to know.” Now eat your GM, glow in the dark food and shut both your mouths.

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