Feb 11, 2014


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49 thoughts on “Today’s Letter to First Dog is from Dennis of Balwyn

  1. Adele

    …we could play ‘count the mistakes in each panel’ (factual and grammatical). Still ‘Dennis’ gets it right on both on the Walkley award!

  2. Stefan Landherr

    Perhaps First Dog could reply in cartoon form.

  3. dropBear

    a bit disappointed here fdotm.
    if this letter from dennis is real, he deserves an answer and not ridicule. he made some points that are important to him. if you disagree with what he said, why don’t you use arguments to convince him?
    As opposed to using your position of relative power to antagonise him.

    a cheap shot at best.

    hope you get back to your usual form soon.

  4. paddy

    I hope I never have to share a lifeboat with Dennis.

  5. Crispy

    You should have drawn him as an adorable little straw man.

    It’s nice that Dennis is happy to accept Tim Flannery’s views on population. I wonder what Dennis thinks of everything else Tim says?

  6. rhwombat

    That’s right, “Dennis”, too many of the wrong sort of refugee (the ones that trample your begonias and don’t respect the innate superiority of entitled Strayans) will upset Tim Flannery (the Idol of Gloria the Parrot and the Ditch Brown’s Bitch crowd) and probably dilute the respect that is owed to us Strayans for being awesome and generous and decent and egalitarian and not at all responsible or sorry for all that black arm band history.

    The only solution is to sneeringly demand that award winning canine cartoonists respond to your sophist strawman “in print” – and none of that emotionally blackmailing satire either, ’cause otherwise we might have to accept that we’re complicit in morally reprehensible behaviour. “Dennis” = Blot.

  7. zut alors

    Jiminy cricket, when was Tim Flannery made a saint?

  8. Crispy

    The canonisation was crowd sourced, zut.

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