Feb 11, 2014

Razer’s class struggle: who cares about Schapelle aside from journos?

The tabloids tell us every scintillating detail about Schapelle. The broadsheets tell us the bogans who read the Murdoch press are idiots. They are both completely wrong.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

The “cultural” reading provided by the nation’s better weekend news outlets is usually bad enough. It seems to focus largely on “critical” interpretation of online dating and the ethics of cooking with quinoa. Last weekend, however, it was especially naff when it was given over to writing about writing about writing about Schapelle Corby.

The term “meta” does not begin to describe this piece by Lauren Rosewarne in The Conversation, which was not actually about Corby — only “cheap” and “racist” media do that! — but about the author’s own experience of writing in another outlet about Corby, which apparently led to someone saying something mean to her on Twitter. The Sunday Age had a more legitimate take on the risks of reporting about Corby as Sins of the Father author Eamonn Duff spoke of threatening phone calls he had received.

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30 thoughts on “Razer’s class struggle: who cares about Schapelle aside from journos?

  1. susan winstanley

    Well said Helen

  2. botanista

    Despite my best intentions, I have just read an article about Da SchapCorb. Damn you Helen Razer.

  3. Will

    Arguably this is the first Razer piece published by Crikey that isn’t totally asinine and objectionable. Though obviously the bogan mindset does exist. INXS outperforming Corby doesn’t mean the story doesn’t have heightened attention in the community that’s particularly potent in the blue collar world and with stay-at-home mothers. Nor does it mean that missing white female syndrome is in decline as a gene of blockbuster news. But one data point is better than her usual effort of zero substantiation.

  4. Northy

    But on the other side of the press the commentators spend all their time criticising the latte-sipping inner-city lefty elite, arguing they are not real Australians. One flick through the Daily Tele shows how obsessed they are with this topic – in my opinion far more so than the elite press with bogans.

  5. Phen

    But wasn’t the INXS special the “TV event of the year”?? How could anything compete against such a landmark piece of televisual history?

  6. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Nice piece H.

    I propose that we henceforth expunge the name “Corby” from all future publications and broadcasts. This will allow the woman to get on with her life, while at the same time relieve us of the tedium of having to hear about it. It’s called a “win-win situation”.

    Also, the TV ratings probably say more about INXS’s bogan credentials than they do about the audience’s level of sophistication.

  7. Scott

    Plenty of university professors read “Women’s Weekly” and “Who”
    Plenty of self professed “intellectuals” post rubbish on Crikey.
    Escapism is where you find it. And so it is with Corby. She is just entertainment. Left wing, right wing, doesn’t matter. She’s a cash cow and the media is happy to strap on the milking gear.
    All media outlets get the advertising dollars; whether its from sympathy, outrage or contempt.

  8. Venise Alstergren

    But Helen, surely the fact you are writing about this woman gives her a legitimacy she doesn’t deserve?. You have merely added another “writer, writing about another writer of….etc

    The real story, albeit a much harder piece of work, is to query the shonky behaviour of Chanel 9 for spending their shareholders’ presumably hard earned money chasing after the ‘bogan’ audience with no real idea of how the money will be well spent. Or is the whole sorry deal a case of Chanel 9 believing in their own bullshit?

  9. zut alors

    It would be a step in the right direction if this is the last piece Crikey publishes relating to Corby.

  10. sparky

    I usually read your stuff Helen but unfortunately this one had a word beginning with Sch and another with Cor. At that point I stopped, I don’t care what it’s about.

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