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Feb 10, 2014





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22 thoughts on “He’s not even Australian

  1. Andybob

    ‘Lifeboat’ has a distinctly Orwellian ring. How about ‘0FG Boat’. Zero F-cks Given.

  2. rhwombat

    …but deliver them from evil, as they forgive those who trespass against them…

  3. Persia

    Yeah, rhwombat and continuing on the religious theme, if there was a Dog, by crikey you’d think she’d have smote the slime reponsible for all of this ‘hate the Other’ stuff long since.

  4. zut alors

    If this baby is the Second Coming then Toady & Scrott are toast.

  5. Lablover

    …’stop the browns’… could this be the new, or more correctly, recycled, White Australia Policy of the 21st Century. Just wondering out loud.

  6. paddy

    In the saddest possible way….The eyes have it FD.

  7. ernmalleyscat

    That baby looks very like the baby in Eraserhead.
    And the circumstances are very similar – “there’s a baby at the hospital. And you’re responsible.” “But I can’t be.”
    And the nightmare that followed is playing out.
    Oh, we are sick.

  8. Venise Alstergren

    Those bloody ‘life rafts’ give the word orange a nasty taste.


    Please, please, please release this brilliant cartoon from behind the paywall so I can share it

  10. Wynn

    I realise this is probably a silly question, but can anyone help me with the relevance of the Leunig reference?

  11. Interrobanging On


    Perhaps FUBS* Boat would work.

    *F@ck off, Brown Scum

  12. drmick

    The age of entitlement is over baby. Deal with it. You picked the wrong mother; If you are not offering freebies or you are not a wealthy individual or company; this mutha says you are not welcome.
    Don’t feel bad though; he doesn’t like most of us either; especially the soft ones who think he and his government are beneath contempt.

  13. rhwombat

    IO: Let’s call them what they are: Australian prison hulks. It is not illegal to come to Australia by boat and claim asylum. It is clearly illegal to direct your navy to tow the prison hulks into Indonesian territorial waters then abandon them. I presume each hulk has a locator, so the RAN & Customs can tell when the said Australian prison hulk is refuelled and returned to it’s morally bankrupt owners – us.

  14. benson benson

    moses was a boat baby, #reallymakesyouthink

  15. drmick

    Andybob. My ancestor arrived in Australia, in chains, on the “Friendship”. The irony is delicious as there were no orange boats for that green reprobate. Those pommies sent him here to stay.
    This pommie bas tard, and the scrotum,put them in chains at this end, and float them off somewhere else. Doesnt seem fair to me.

  16. drmick

    I wonder how Mr Noah would go with his boat if he tried to land in gods country?

  17. AR


  18. DiddyWrote

    I’ve been trying to get this to fly all evening without success,

    I thought people might be interested in the first recorded use of FUCK in English especially as it’s target is quite topical today.


    I think it’s as relevant today as was back then

  19. Lablover

    Quite so, questionable morals for both ‘Abbotts’ would be my take on the above.

  20. rhwombat

    DiddyWrote: now that is spectacular.

  21. klewso

    After all the other dog-whistles they’ve tried, it was lucky the arrow on the Abbott Chocolate Wheel of Slogans finally stopped at “Stop the Deaths at Sea”, makes it sound like it’s about “humanity”?


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