Australia voted last night and despite all the hype from the Corby family and their online friends, the TV audience overwhelmingly favoured Seven's INXS: Never Tear Us Apart over Nine's Schapelle, by a ratio of two to one. Schapelle managed 1.349 million national / 1.022 million metro / 327,000 regional viewers. INXS: Never Tear Us Apart had 2.881 million national / 1.974 million metro / 907,000 regional viewers. Nine held on, Ten struggled. Seven won nationally in metro and regional markets.

Of special interest last night was the way viewers in regional market gave the Corby story a bigger thumbs down than did metro audiences. No one can fault Nine from bringing forward the screening of the Corby doco by a night, but what can't be denied is that when faced with a choice between the story of an iconic rock band and the mixed up tale of a young women in drug trouble in Bali (and an icon in her own way), Australian TV viewers overwhelmingly chose the INXS story. If anything, the ratings from last night should dramatically lower the amounts of money reportedly being waved around the Corby camp for an exclusive interview. Australians showed last night that her story doesn't really interest them. Many have already made up their minds, and probably did so years ago.