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Feb 10, 2014

Crikey says: are we finally over Schapelle?

A royal commission into unions will cost millions -- but will it deliver any scalps? A new corporate conflict in the political donations dump revealed. And why we should look to New York to reform our system. Iron ore is giving Joe Hockey headaches. Orica's dirty legacy haunts. Plus Schapelle v INXS: the big TV winners.

Somewhere in there is the woman of the moment. What a circus. But as dozens of Australian reporters and camera operators aggressively jostled for a shot of Schapelle Corby leaving prison this morning, as Australian news websites went into overdrive to live blog every moment, is it possible we've all overestimated just how much Australians still care? In television ratings overnight -- as much a barometer on public taste as any poll -- the response to the Nine Network's much-hyped Schapelle telemovie was lukewarm at best. Rushed to air and pitted against Channel Seven's INXS biopic, the Aussie pop-rockers thumped Schapelle soundly. As Glenn Dyer reports, a massive-in-the-digital-age 2.88 million Australians watched Michael Hutchence dug up while just 1.3 million witnessed the convicted drug runner locked up. Are we finally over it? But then again, our favourite TV drama -- the ABC's Rake -- rated well behind both of them. So there really is no accounting for taste ...

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6 thoughts on “Crikey says: are we finally over Schapelle?


    This is another example of Crikey falling inline with the Australian establishment’s current efforts to cover up their involvement in the framing of Schapelle Corby.
    Crikey informed me this morning that they are moderating all comments on Corby at this site.
    This is like watching the Warren Commission blowing up in the faces of the American establishment – a beautiful thing.
    Lovers of freedom will not get over this until the truth has been revealed to the mob.
    Go to for truth of the matter.

  2. BookishMisfit

    With regard to Schapelle Corby, it has long been more about the media itself than Ms Corby. The media has been voracious and I hope this behaviour rebounds on those concerned.

    The popular media, especially, speaks of Ms Corby now with disrespect and I think there is even something wrong with your headline. Did she ask to become a media construct? Somehow, I don’t think so.

    Whatever she did, 9 years in an Indonesian jail would have been a nightmare and she has well and truly paid for it. I watched the coverage of her leaving jail and she seemed a small and frail figure.

    Enough is enough, surely?

  3. CML

    I watched Rake. Absolutely in a class of its’own! How anyone could bypass it for the other rubbish on the commercials, defies the imagination!!
    Good on ya, ABC. You have done it again!!!

  4. zut alors

    I agree the overwhelming majority of the Oz public is over the interminable Corby chronicles. But newsroom editors lack innovation & stick fast to their stale old habits.

    Rather than investigate other more worthwhile stories it’s easier to hound hackneyed targets.

  5. AR

    The “schapelle” industry, of flacks, hacks, shysters & worse should now go away and die of shame.
    Unfortunately it won’t, how could it since shame & disgusting behaviour is what gets them out of the vats each day?
    It would be nice to think that a true, quiet, unexploitative narrative may one day emerge but then I’d also like to have some magic ponies for the faery at the bottom of my garden.

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