Feb 7, 2014

Hold the front page: News Corp issues blogger with takedown notice

News Corporation lawyers have ordered a Canberra-based blogger to stop reproducing their front pages, or pay a licensing fee. There's a double standard at play, according to one expert.

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter

News Corp Australia has turned its million-dollar might on a Canberra-based blogger, issuing him with notice to take down newspaper front pages from, a website that collates covers from 81 countries.

Early this week, the blog tweeted that the website would no longer feature News Corp Australian front pages …

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7 thoughts on “Hold the front page: News Corp issues blogger with takedown notice

  1. Pete from Sydney

    Seriously Crikey News can’t protect its own IP if it so desires? I know you have an intense dislike for the company, but surely this is not unreasonable?

  2. Mike Smith

    So to be consistent, News should not allow Google to index and display their headlines on Google search page, as that too has ads? I really doubt Google pays everyone they index for their content. (yes, I know two wrongs do not make a right, but I’d like to see some consistency here)

  3. Malcolm Street

    “Newspaper front pages are commonly discussed and shown on commercial television broadcast news programs ”

    Also on ABC TV morning news – just before 7 am they do a run-around of the fish-wrappers, featuring images of their front pages.

  4. CML

    I don’t care if I never see another Ltd News front page – or any other part of their papers – ANYWHERE!!
    It’s all LNP crap, anyway!!!!

  5. Matt Hardin

    So this guy effectively advertises the content of newspapers and they want him to pay them? Do I have that right?

  6. Steve777

    The quality of ‘The Paper Boy’ site has been greatly improved by the removal of News Corporation titles. Perhaps the ABC should exclude News Corp from its roundup of the morning papers. Better still, stop taking its lead from them.

  7. Zarathrusta

    I think Newscorpse just doesn’t like its pages being correlated so people can see what sort of propaganda it is pushing world wide.

    Showing front pages is free advertising for them.

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