Feb 6, 2014

Thailand’s political struggle is complex, intractable and infinite

Thailand's protests show no sign of abating, and the government can no longer sit back and do nothing. The atmosphere on the streets is turning ugly, and it won't be long before this conflict becomes much worse than just protests.

Thailand is again spiralling into a familiar cycle of political violence. Dozens have been killed and injured in grenade attacks and gunfights. A state of emergency is in place, and there are rumours of civil war and secession.

Foreign missions have warned citizens to avoid protests, and tourists are staying away. The situation is volatile, dangerous and unpredictable.

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4 thoughts on “Thailand’s political struggle is complex, intractable and infinite

  1. paddy

    Interesting piece. But it’s a pity (given the author’s understandable request for anonymity)that he/she didn’t take the opportunity to elaborate on the sacred elephant in the room.
    The role of the monarchy & how it’s changing as the king’s health declines.

  2. JamesH

    According to Transparency International, corruption decreased under Thaksin, and has increased again following his ouster.

  3. Will

    This is a very good piece it is a welcome respite from the tired manichean hyperbole often found in breathless western reporting embracing a simplistic frame of poor franchise vs. elites. The situation is more complicated – and the endemic corruption associated with Thai Rak Thai regime cannot be so easily ignored.

  4. Peter Snashall

    I live in Bangkok and am constantly amazed by what I read about where I live. I would argue that the elections were far less violent than international journalists expected ( or wanted?). Now the protests in Bangkok are clearly waning. Bridges are re-opening & people are getting around much more easily. Also, I am astonished that so few articles mention the snowballing rice corruption scandal that has helped sustain the protester’s momentum. The incompetence of the Shinawatra government has allowed the protests of a small fringe group to become something much bigger.

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