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Tips and rumours

Jan 31, 2014

Tips and rumours

Stone slams cabinet on SPC ... The no-nonsense radio knob ... Taxpayers revolt over ABC? ... Turnbul faces letter cuts ...

From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours …

Stone slams cabinet on SPC. As federal Liberal MP Sharman Stone said of the federal government’s decision not to bail out Shepparton fruit cannery SPC Ardmona on 7.30 last night: “We’re looking at massive unemployment. We’re looking at environmental devastation, too, because we’ve got more orchards to be bulldozed.” And earlier on Twitter the backbencher — and she should probably get used to that view in the chamber — got a little personal in regards to her colleagues in cabinet …

A “catastrophic” cabinet decision? That’s what her constituents want to hear, but how much rope will Tony Abbott give her?

The no-nonsense radio knob. Fun in commercial radio circles. This from a station insider; the names have been removed to protect the innocent/guilty …

“There’s been a massive blow up at [redacted] today after the general manager [redacted] was caught shit caning another executive in front of staff. In a stroke of ‘brilliance’, [redacted] decided to knock down all the walls and dividers between offices but he forgot that sound travels and was bagging out sales chief [redacted]. About a dozen of us, including people who work for [redacted], heard this happen and it’s been wildfire through the place. [Redacted] has turned out to be a knob and is renowned for getting people’s names wrong and having an eye for the girls around the place. He’s made some crazy choices about the station and since he started ratings have dived.”

East Timor graffiti. Seems like Australia’s role in sensitive negotiations with East Timor (also called Timor-Leste) over oil and gas — cue claims of spying and ASIO raids — is not playing out well in Dili. We were intrigued to see these pics from the Timorese capital …

It must be said, this is of a much higher artistic standard than most graffiti. If you’ve got some interesting / thought-provoking street art near you, be sure to take a photo and send it to us.

Taxpayers revolt over ABC? “The ABC is out of control.” So says the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, which dispatched a letter to supporters calling for a “wholesale root and branch review of the ABC and its future in Australia” …

The body’s executive director, Tim Andrews, has had it with the “disgraceful and unsubstantiated smears” — from the ABC, that is, not the Abbott government. It’s unclear whether Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull will seek the guidance of Andrews in his efficiency review …

Turnbul faces letter cuts. Meanwhile, Malcolm Turnbull’s efficiency drive has already kicked in, as ABC journo Cameron Best noted — even on his own name …

Happy Friday, readers. Finally, this just in from an anonymous tipster: “You’re a bunch of dopes.” It’s hard to disagree.

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4 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. klewso

    Subsidise employment or subsidise unemployment – at least with one you get a return?

  2. klewso

    Stone’s not reminding anyone what Abbott said for votes, before the election about this matter?
    Will she resign “on principal” on that bare-faced political opportunistic hypocritical misrepresentation by her leader, misleading/gulling her constituents to vote for them?

  3. Kevin Rennie

    Whose “radical ideological campaign”? I’ll let the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance own website explain why Tim Tim Andrews is hardly an objective source on the ABC:

    ‘Whilst studying, he served two terms as Federal President of the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation, and in 2007 he was elected to the Board of Management of the HR Nicholls Society, a position he continues to hold today. Timothy Andrews is the creator and Managing Editor of and’

  4. Electric Lardyland

    Nice work, Kevin. From the look of their website, I suspect that the claim of 25,000 members might be a touch overstated. Then again, maybe you get a free membership if you subscribe to The Australian, or something similar. And it was interesting to note that the ATA is an umbrella organisation, that apparently represents Free Speech Australia. Well, free speech for fellow rightards, but not of course, if you just happen to be sane enough to criticise the Abbott government. I was also amused by their description of Menzies House as non-partisan. I see, so maybe they’re named in honour of former Manly footballer Steve Menzies, not former Liberal PM Robert Menzies.