Losing faith in Aunty

Crikey readers talk refugees and whether the ABC is really unAustralian.

Is the ABC unAustralian?

John Shailer writes: Re. “Get Fact: is Tony Abbott right about the ABC?” (yesterday). At last some plain speaking from our PM regarding the taxpayer-funded ABC’s continual efforts to undermine his relationship with Indonesia, destroy the reputation of our armed services, and restore Labor’s failed boat-people policies with the loss of 1200 lives. Instead of defending the ABC from his inner-city electorate, when is Malcolm Turnbull going to take steps to bring some balance into its news and current affairs, which currently is simply a propaganda outlet for the Greens/Labor left, leaving over 70% of us unrepresented?

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6 thoughts on “Losing faith in Aunty

  1. klewso

    Wouldn’t “Tele polling” tell you more about the Teletrash’s audience?

    And do we really want to be kept in the dark about what allegations and what else is going on “outside the shed” – do we really want to be kept as mushrooms?
    Are so many of us that insular that we don’t want to be kept fully informed, because we can’t make up our own minds; or we’re so scared others might make theirs up, and it might not reflect our opinions?

  2. Will

    Nigel Gladstone – you make a valid point about the recency issue and then throw away logic by citing unscientific web-polls of trashy tabloids as if they are relevant. At least scientific polls for the wrong period, show trust and credibility going into recent events. Citating vox pop is absolutely meaningless.

  3. Blair Martin

    John Shailer’s mathematics would serve him well as part of the LNP’s commissions of audit into anything that spends Government money. “…over 70%” – based on what data, exactly or doesn’t that matter when you are having a rant?

  4. Frank Birchall

    John Shailer is conveniently innumerate — in the September election the ALP and Greens got 42% of the primary vote, leaving 58% for all other parties of which the LNP secured 45%. Where did ‘over 70%’ come from, John?

  5. Chris Ennor

    In Defence of Auntie and Lauren Smith. Regarding comments 31st January. Tony Abbott’s combative stance worked well in Opposition, but not in Foreign Affairs. The ABC reports on actions and results, that is their job. I am sure the current critics are happy with Aunty’s exposure of the CFMEU stuff – they don’t seem to mention that? The PM has created these situations. The recent Navy accusations were reported as accusations our Govt’s belligerent refusal to take part in an investigation has allowed it to fester and escalate to Interpol and the UN. More poor judgement from a combative mindset.
    In my past travels I had conversations with some people who were around at the time of 2nd W.W. both German and Austrian. Both commented candidly how they went along with their Governments’ demonising and dehumanising of Jewish and Roma people as justification for their actions. Both said “to our eternal shame” and one said “A Government is capable of persuading the population of anything”. Lauren is drawing the parallel of successive Australian Governments demonising and dehumanising refugees and our population happy to go along with any level of brutal treatment metered out to the ‘Evil Them’
    The criticism of her by Tim Simpson is typical of shoot the messenger rather than debate the proposal.

  6. klewso

    “70%” – Rupert’s share of our printed media?

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