Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims many people think -- and are "dismayed" -- that the ABC is biased, as he paves the way for likely budget cuts at Aunty. This is what he told 2GB radio host Ray Hadley yesterday:
"A lot of people feel at the moment that the ABC instinctively takes everyone's side but Australia's ... I think it dismays Australians when the national broadcaster appears to take everyone's side but its own, and I think it is a problem."
The claim led to this front page screamer in The Daily Telegraph today ...

So is Abbott right? Do people think the ABC is biased and anti-Australian, and are we "dismayed" about it? The evidence indicates that an overwhelming majority of people think the ABC is balanced and even-handed, and it's been recently rated the most trusted media organisation in Australia. Newspoll conducts an annual survey for the ABC and asks what people think about the national broadcaster. The most recent survey, a phone poll of 1900 people in June 2013, found 78% of respondents thought the ABC did a good job at being balanced and even-handed. The number of those who think it does a "very good job" is steadily rising and stands at 42%. Just 11% agree with Abbott that it is doing a poor job.

Question: Based on your own experience, or what you may have seen or heard, do you personally think the ABC is doing a good job or a poor job on being balanced and even-handed?