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Drama in the red centre. You might have noticed the fracas around the Ayers Rock Resort; the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) bought it in 2010 and recently sacked most of the board of the company it had appointed to run it, Voyages Indigenous Tourism. A room at the large resort, which offers a pool and spa treatments, costs up to $998 per night (although you can book an unpowered campsite for $36, which is more Ms Tips’ scene).

A reader pointed out some history behind the drama. The sackings were made late last year by ILC chairwoman Dawn Casey. One of the Voyages directors she sacked was Investec Bank chairman Richard Longes. That’s the same Richard Longes who was part of a review into Canberra’s National Museum (which is dedicated to social history, hosts excellent indigenous exhibitions and is magnificently perched on the side of Lake Burley Griffin) back in 2003, when Casey was the museum’s director. The Howard government appeared to have taken exception to what it saw as the “black armband” tone to the museum, and the issue became caught up in the culture wars. The review concluded that some of the exhibits might be open to misinterpretation, Casey’s term was not renewed, and she left in late 2003. It was a controversial decision, and some denounced it.

Now the shoe’s on the other foot.

Good question. A mole asked us “what would happen if suddenly there was an investigation into bastardisation at Duntroon in the late 1960’s and a prominent citizen was reported by his classmates as having been involved!’ We can think of a few people this could relate to …

Asylum seekers to be rounded up? The vocal Asylum Seeker Resource Centre posted this on its Facebook page yesterday:

We don’t know whether that’s correct — the centre says it’s passing on a tip from a trusted whistleblower who can’t be identified. This led to a debate on the post about whether it should be circulated, given that it might unnecessarily frighten asylum seekers in the community. We’ve put the centre’s claim to Immigration Minister Scott Morrison and will keep you posted.

Media Watch fodder. Aunty’s media cop is back:

But will host Paul Barry tackle the hot issue of whether the ABC over-egged claims that asylum seekers had been burnt by Australian navy personnel? News Corp is in a flap over the claims. From the look of Barry’s Twitter feed, he may choose to focus on the UK phone hacking trial instead (one of his fave themes). Tune in Monday to find out … meanwhile, there’s still no word on when Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog makes its 2014 debut — not a peep from Nancy since December 13! The Crikey office misses Gerard’s Friday afternoon epistles and hopes he hasn’t given them up. Are we in line for Five Paws?

Duelling Vic trolls. With the long countdown to November’s Victorian election underway, competing anonymous Twitter accounts are providing plenty of (rather confusing) fun for political die-hards. As we told you last week, the colourful anti-Labor @SpringStSource seemed to be getting in a spot of bother — cue the lawyers. After our little tip the Twitter account fell silent for seven days. As of yesterday it’s back, prompting this query from rival pro-Labor Twitter account @SpringStSauce:

And it seems @SpringStSource has a new home …

For its part, @SpringStSource isn’t telling us why the radio silence happened. So who is the troll?

Meanwhile, political junkies from even further south can enter the Twitter wars over the Tasmanian election (set for March 15) at #politas and #tasvotes. If you know of any well-placed anonymous Twitter moles who are sharing the goss from within the Tasmanian parties, do tell Crikey

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