South Australia

Jan 29, 2014

In South Australia, Jay4SA a bizarre mirror image of Kevin07

The brains behind Kevin07 are turning to Jay4SA. But InDaily editor David Washington says the last seven years have not been kind to the Labor Party -- and Jay Weatherill is facing a very different battle.

There’s a good reason why Labor’s South Australian election campaign, with its Jay4SA slogan, is reminding observers of Kevin07 — it’s being overseen by the same marketing team.

Marketing and advertising man Neil Lawrence was at the vanguard of modern campaigning in 2007 when he produced a multi-faceted package for Kevin Rudd’s opposition. A clever combination of social media and traditional techniques helped propel Labor to victory against the decade-old Howard government. Lawrence is a key member of SA Labor’s campaign committee, and his fingerprints are already evident on Premier Jay Weatherill’s strategy, if not the slogan itself (it has been floating around for some time).

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2 thoughts on “In South Australia, Jay4SA a bizarre mirror image of Kevin07

  1. tonyfunnywalker

    It is evident that the SA Liberals have already hit the self destruct button with Vanstone’s leathering of Bernardi in the Age and his spirited response. The Pyne factor will loom large as his interference and dirty tricks campaigning are well known to the electorate. Marshall like Abbott has no meaningful policies and I would expect the Advertiser to play the role of kingmaker and muck raker.
    The Liberals are on the nose since Olsen especially after the sale of ETSA. The sale of Murray Water leases by the Abbott Government will not prove popular as will the removal of the support for renewable energy generation where SA prides itself on the contribution the wind and PV are making.
    Unlike Victoria in the current heat wave there have been no blackouts to my knowledge. Equally the cavalier attitude of the Abbott government to the closure of Holden and the reticence to fund the support package will also provide Labor with traction and the support of the Greens.
    The Liberal revolving door of leaders and the nasty backroom politics cannot be glossed over – many are disappointed at the way Pyne orchestrated the removal of Martin Hamiton-Smith and Isobell Redman so any truce is just window dressing cannot hide the fact that Vanstone threw the stone that broke the truce.

  2. AR

    It would be nice if SA could remain a realm of (comparative) sanity. Also Taz – hands up those keen on a scion of the Mouth fro the South. (in the case of Taz denizens, that’d be three+ hands up)

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