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Jan 29, 2014




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15 thoughts on “I did my best, mate.

  1. Andybob

    There is absolutely no chance of any Indonesian politician confecting outrage at this appointment to garner domestic support at our expense. That sort of thing only happens in Australia.

  2. zut alors

    “mixed feelings” about WMD…whaaaat, so in some respects they’re a good thing?

  3. klewso

    “Perception”? Why should Indonesia take exception to Cosgrove getting this gig – would we give a rat’s if Bashir got something similar?

  4. drmick

    Major Mistake? We hope he has kept his Privates in line? He knows Rear Admiral Funny Business-Jones & Petty Orificers Hardly and Blurt are on his side so that is a bad thing right there. He is an obvious choice as the other Queens representative for Operation Insult the Pacific Rim and has already shot at a lot of them.
    The Kredlin has spoken, and, as usual the answer was bring in the military. Look out Toyota employees.

  5. klewso

    Sorry :
    “Bastardisation”? Isn’t that what Toady’s Knot is doing to the country?

  6. rhwombat

    I like the new, corgi-friendly version of Bucket-Boy’s bark: “poop occurs!”. It has much the same function as the term “Gardyloo!” had in the ‘Ald Toon’ of Edinburgh, or the cry of “Fewmets! Tally Ho!” (lovely term AR – beautiful plumage).

  7. rhwombat

    PS: Can anyone join the sneering leftists club, or do we actually have to, you know, sneer sinisterly?

  8. Zeke

    Something similar, Inspector Klewso?

    Indonesia doesn’t have any position similar to our G-G.

    Unlike Australia, Indonesia is a republic, a country in its own right, with a real President as its head of state.

    Australia is just a dag hanging off the 4rse-end of the British Monarchy. Our head of state resides in Buckingham Palace, England (or Balmoral castle). Indonesia has a president. We have a Governor-General, a satrap representing our colonial rulers,

    We had the chance to dump our colonial past, but the government under John Winston Howard conspired with Labor to present a minimal change where the politicians, not the people, choose our president. Of course it failed. Howard then proclaimed that the Australian people voted against a republic.

    So, presently, Abbott has appointed a former military general to cut ribbons and make non-political speeches at public schools and old people’s homes, to head charities and crochet little doilies and stuff.

    Great work, Australia.

  9. klewso

    “Toady Ho!”? …. speaking of witch … anyone tried on “Media briefs” toady?

  10. Steve Gardner

    “indigenes” not “indigines”.

  11. drmick

    I like the thought of that Distillery Tour Firdo. Cigareets and Whusky and wild wild speedwells; they’ll drive you crazy, they’ll give you saddle sores. We automatically become steering leftists.

  12. paddy

    So gentle, so respectful, so lacking in anything that could be
    even *vaguely* called libellous.

    That’s a magnificent, ticking clusterbomb of a cartoon FD.

    P.S. Hopefully, you’ll be safely hidden in that funny foreign island down south when it goes off.

  13. AR

    Off with the ovaries, back to basics with soldiers & judiciary (after that unfortunate biz with a Lord Spiritual). Ya know where ya are with a bloke.

  14. drmick

    Its nice to see Firsty recognising Tassie. Geographically and anatomically, it provides a marker for where to the stick the suppository of knowledge and his cabinet.If it is not the office of the ages most read columnist,you can definitely see it from there.

  15. klewso

    Zeke – similar “aspirational epitome”.


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