I have not yet completely shaken off holiday mode, so it's a rather eclectic mix of things that have snagged themselves in my drifting mind this week. Australia Day gave rise to a flurry of articles (including, it must be said, one of my own), from the angry to the funny and the moving -- but more of that later. There was another shooting in the United States, this time in a shopping mall -- but, hey, what week isn't there one? Western Australia started culling sharks, and our fearless leader made a speech at the Davos forum that does not seem to have been greeted with much enthusiasm by either goodies or baddies. Adam Goodes was announced as Australian of the Year, the soul-searching over king hits/coward punches continues, and Fairfax got part of the Gonski report back up on the Department of Education website (for historical purposes only, apparently). A week much like many others, it would seem.

The interesting thing about weeks like this -- where there isn't one theme that dominates everything -- is that it allows some of our ongoing discussions and concerns to surface, and I do sometimes wonder if they are not the most important discussions we ever have. We need to know why we do things before we can hope to change them.