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Jan 28, 2014

Crikey says: the ABC’s discredited/worthy reporting

Does Australia have a looming China problem? Michael Sainsbury has the word from Beijing. The Salvos and child abuse -- the first harrowing day of hearings. Bernard Keane's back and he's fired up on the phoney booze war. Essential polling: we really hate privatising things. Plus why indigenous recognition will be harder than we think.

The ABC raises serious allegations of mistreatment of asylum seekers in the care of the Australian navy; federal ministers line up to condemn the reports and question the ethics and standards of the national broadcaster. Today, the ABC (together with Fairfax) raises serious allegations of corruption inside building and construction unions; the federal government seizes on the report as proof dodgy behaviour is rife in the construction sector and there's a greater need than ever to re-establish the Australian Building and Corruption Commissioner abandoned under Labor. "Good on the ABC for this," frontbencher Eric Abetz, the gnarliest Liberal attack dog against the taxpayer-funded broadcaster, said today. Redemption at last for Aunty. If only they'd learn to back the right political horses ...

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5 thoughts on “Crikey says: the ABC’s discredited/worthy reporting

  1. klewso

    Some people are well enough adjusted to be able to take good news with bad – others would rather shop around for what suits them.

    Whatever happened to those “adults” supposed to be running government now? Watching this childish extravaganza is like watching “Bugsy Malone Goes to Canberra”?

  2. CML

    In the first example, the ABC is doing what it is supposed to do: reporting the news about asylum seeker ‘torture’ claims against the Australian Navy, out of Indonesia. I don’t remember the ABC ever saying the claims were correct or otherwise. What are they supposed to do? Ignore the news?!!!
    In the second instance, the same applies. If there is evidence that corruption is indeed happening in the building industry here, then the ABC has a duty to report the ‘news’ on this story.
    That doesn’t give them the right to ‘editorialize’ on the rights and wrongs of these events, unless and until the picture becomes clearer. That means irrefutable evidence and charges being laid against the perpetrators.
    The rAbbott and his motley crew, including ‘Erica’, should all take a cold shower in the meantime!!

  3. AR

    This is the obverse of being criticised by both “sides” (the ratbag vs the rational?) for bias.
    As a paid-up member (in arrears) of the Marxist Party party (Groucho Tendency) I would be reluctant to piss on some people (even) if they agreed with me and were ablaze.
    Put another way, with such support one should query the issue.shudder, retch

  4. klewso

    Abetz, co-star of Utegate – what an expert, on anything?

  5. The Pav

    Why is the investigation into Union Corruption only?

    Like dancing bribery takes two to make it happen.

    It should be an inquiry into corruption. Those who pay the bribes are equally culpable and do their shareholders know about it? and did the board approved if so then surely they have made them unfit petrsons to hold such an office

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