Tips and rumours

Jan 23, 2014

Tips and rumours

Rural doctor scholarship to go? ... No sure tomorrow for Today Tonight ... Dennis Shanahan into the sunset? ... Pollies in economy -- the sad tales ...


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7 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. SusieQ

    Gosh, who would miss ‘Today Tonight’ – dodgy diet pill companies thats who!!! Good riddance (if true) to half an hour of tabloid rubbish.

  2. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    ” extended storytelling” LOL

  3. MD

    Regarding the bonded medical student scholarships, if they have indeed been axed this would be a good move!. These have not gone well in the years since they were introduced and many students have ultimately “bought out” of them once they finished university – the terms of the bonding are largely incompatible with pursuing postgraduate specialist training. They were largely a way for students (often from city background) who didn’t achieve the normal entry requirements to get in to medical school.

    Your correspondent should looking at the RAMUS scholarships (For students of rural origin who have been accepted into medical school, $10 000 per year but non-bonded) and also looking at the scheme that gives a bonus discount on HELP fees for junior doctors who elect to work in rural or regional areas.

    Unless of course these get axed as well…

  4. AR

    Bibulous Bob Ellis reckons Shannahan will resign or be sacked if he can’t fudge any more “ALP dead” stories as Newspoll shows Abbott crashing.
    Wot SuzQ sed – if only it meant the end of Currant Unfair as well.

  5. Bill Hilliger

    Sha-na-han, limited talented but long-serving pollie editor and Oz News-poll interpreter, retiring from the Canberra press gallery? If true, will be another bit off dross floating into the main sewer – hooray!

  6. David Hand

    Wow! They may axe TT?
    Civilisation does have a chance then.

  7. Roberto Tedesco

    No way Shanahan’s going – as long as he can tell his one-sided tales of how well his mate, Super Tony, is sticking it to tha Left and tha Foreigners. One hand clapping in the echo chamber.

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