Jan 23, 2014

Razer’s class warfare: Aboriginal Australia needs capital, not bullshit feelings

The claim that Aboriginal Australians have a "special relationship with the land" is, quite frankly, racist and extremely unhelpful. Let's make some real reparations -- cold, hard cash.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

There is one of those things I believe the expert photoshoppers call a “macro” currently circulating madly online. I am all for a critique of that celebration of theft we call Australia Day and don’t really mind this:

chill out roo

Except, of course, I am myself a bit of a prick and do mind it. I am a prick and I am also racist.

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26 thoughts on “Razer’s class warfare: Aboriginal Australia needs capital, not bullshit feelings

  1. wayne robinson

    Well, I’m of European origin (so I’m ‘white’), and I’m definitely not a racist.

    Because biologically, there are no human ‘races’. 85% of individual genetic variation occur within a ‘race’ and 15% of individual differences occur between ‘races’

    The differences between ‘races’ is within a few dozen genes (out of a total of over 20,000), determining external appearances only.

    There are no races. There’s opportunity and lack of opportunity. Access to education, healthcare, meaningful employment etc.

  2. Marion Diamond

    I hope I’m not a racist – but I’m fast becoming a Razist!

  3. m hardcourt

    Isn’t this what’s already happened to the country’s native title system? The shift to ‘agreement making’ means that now mining companies just pay people to do whatever they want. And they are paying a lot (cos they can make a lot more).

  4. Bob the builder

    You had me a little bit with the Scorcese rant, but this is lazy rubbish. I kinda agree with most of it, but there’s too many straw men in it to give to too much thought…

  5. Bo Gainsbourg

    Ever notice that the group the left hates the most is other bits of the left. And while they are flogging those other bits the right gets on with also flogging the left. Yep, we’ve all got something to answer for re Indigenous Australians and our role in profiting from their land. Not sure that hating on soft left mob gets us anywhere but go for your life.

  6. Draco Houston

    Wayne, you might know that racism is arbitrary, but this does not mean there is no racism.

    If you are of the opinion that racism is no longer an issue, check the ABS site. Look at incarceration and arrest rates. Look at their over-representation in the child protection services. But more importantly, look at what Razer has pointed out.

    We live on land stolen from them, on which they had a functional civilization that they thrived in. Today we live pretty damn well off the land we took. They don’t.

  7. Boerwar

    It is time for a real Treaty ratified by the Australian Parliament and by a referendum of all Indigenous people.

    If Indigenous people really want the Constitution to be ‘completed’ that can be agreed in the Treaty as well.

  8. David Coles

    I don’t agree with all of the article but there are some good points. Definitely, let’s get rid of the bullshit. ‘stolen land’? By any sensible analysis there was an invasion. Those then occupying fought and lost. Those invading won and took most of it. Happens everywhere and is not likely to stop.

    ‘The gap has widened on many measures …’ No it has not. It has become smaller and smaller over the last 100 even 200 years on every measure except imprisonment, and that only because we no longer kill for some offences.

    There aren’t simple answers. The issues are complex and require complex solutions. Trying to build a base for action on bullshit is always going to be pretty slippery.

  9. teasmaid

    Not many of you seem to get the point here. You are in some pretty heavy denial of you belive that the ‘gap’ is not as bad as all that. Do some research and pull your heads out of the sand.

  10. wayne robinson


    I wasn’t disagreeing with most of the article. I was just disagreeing with the assertion that all ‘whites’ are ‘racists’. I’m not a racist, because I don’t recognise human races. Just economic disadvantage. Land rights doesn’t do anything for economic disadvantage when land title over much of Australia has been extinguished.

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