Jan 23, 2014

Media briefs: Abbott on HuffPo … newspaper departures …

Abbott, Freedman splash on HuffPo ... Newspaper departures, digital futures ... Correction of the day ... Front page of the day ...

Abbott, Freedman splash on HuffPo. So, this happened overnight, sending social media circles into a spin ...

It's only the British version, mind you, but still, a proud day for the nation to have the Australian Prime Minister's nuanced take on the Syrian crisis splashed across the front page of The Huffington Post. The Onion need add nothing to this. And he wasn't the only Aussie on the digital cover this morning ...

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4 thoughts on “Media briefs: Abbott on HuffPo … newspaper departures …

  1. klewso

    It’s all black and white for Toady – lucky for him, he’s white?

  2. AR

    It was bad enough when he used his “all baddies” insight here but to embarrass us abroad, as is inevitable once he opens his mouth (on any subject) is too toe-curling.
    What i found odd was that there enough people in the audience to applaud his “business” speerch this morning though it did seem more than a little sparse, “like crisp packets blowing down an empty lane”.

  3. Elisabeth Stanger

    No wonder we need a review of the education curriculum, if the best our honorable PM can come up with is “baddies versus baddies” to describe a civil war. What an embarrassment.

  4. klewso

    Abbott = all cowboy and no (white) hat.

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