South Australia

Jan 20, 2014

Can the mayor of Prospect save Jay Weatherill in SA?

Jay Weatherill looks on the way out as South Australia's Premier. InDaily journalist Liam Mannix talks to the man who just might be able to turn things around.

David O’Loughlin is arguably South Australian Labor’s last best hope for election victory at the state election in March. But while an ageing government is looking to him for salvation, he’s not interested in populism.


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4 thoughts on “Can the mayor of Prospect save Jay Weatherill in SA?

  1. Mark Duffett

    Hmmm. Any particular reason why Crikey chose to feature this InDaily piece on the ALP candidate, but not the one on his Liberal opponent that came out a month or so ago? Not great optics, I’d have thought.

  2. tonyfunnywalker

    The Liberal Party itself has also provided a tipping point that will hearten Jay Weatherill with 2 bomshells on the same day.

    1. Amanda Vanstone’s leathering of Cory Bernardi in The Age. This will infuriate a number of Bernardi supporting Liberals in SA. The Liberal Party dysfunction is well known with Leaders of the Opposition a dime a dozen – with backstabbing a nasty art form. An armistice was declared with the election of Stephen Marshall but like at Versailles not without compromise.
    The Bernardi/ Pyne factions would unite behind Marshall to ensure electoral success. Vanstone created Pyne and pushed him without credentials to where he is today.
    Pyne had Turnbull sack Bernardi when he made insinuations publicly that Pyne took objection to and refused to make a public apology. So the gloves are off again – 2 months out from an election.
    2. Birmingham’s announcement of water sales for irrigation. The Murray River Agreement was a bi – partisan campaign in SA to return water to the River and save so much of the ecology of the Lower Lakes around the around the Murray Mouth thus assuring the survival of the local economy ( farming/ tourism and recreation). SA was even prepared to take Victoria to the High Court.
    Emotions again are likely at another Abbott sell out. What it will do is to ensure that the 100% of Green preferences will all flow to the ALP.
    Jay Weatherill cannot believe his luck. Another 4 years Stephen – another 4 years. ….perhaps yet another leader of the Opposition. Michael Hamilton – Smith you can be assured will be sharpening his blade yet again for yet another tilt at regaining the leadership after he was “set up” by a Pyne faction leak and resigned.

  3. AR

    For as flat as city as Adelaide, i would have thought that instant improvement in public transport would be to make it free. Huge usage, little delay and saving all that damned cash counting and book keeping.

  4. Hamis Hill

    In the City of Churches, cracks are growing in the walls of Howard’s too, too broad cathedral, built against the law of political gravity?
    Mene mene tekel upharshin.

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