Jan 17, 2014

Razer’s defence of Triple J: it’s all in the mix, and the kids like it

The arguments against ABC youth station Triple J -- from people too old and too white to be making them -- are back in print. A former JJJ presenter mounts a more knowledgeable defence.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

A hundred years ago when I was very young, the world was different. Women were yet to be freed from the yoke of compulsory pubic hair and everyday people were forced to survive on a bitter diet of a stuff called “sun-dried tomato”. They forced us to eat it on a doorstop-dough amalgam called “focaccia”.

A lot has changed. For example, people now believe the Foo Fighters are a “band” that makes “music” instead of the sound of retching into a corporate void of dread. But, some things are exactly the same. Like a Sunday Age/Sun-Herald piece that could have been written when I were a lad. Only the Names Have Been Changed.

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45 thoughts on “Razer’s defence of Triple J: it’s all in the mix, and the kids like it

  1. klewso

    Chris Winter, Captain Good Vibes, Holger Brockman, I remember what an eye-opening breath of fresh air 2JJ was for 20 year old kid. What a world they opened up.

  2. Big Jimmy

    Excellent article, thanks! As a not-so-loud old scrote who at once laments the passing of the triple-j (double-j..?)I once loved and saw as my own, and admires the slick new triple-j with its smorgasbord of often unfathomable yet tasty toons and features, I believe that “the jays” are in good hands.
    I only hope that recent criticism isn’t just part of the orchestrated campaign currently being run to undermine the ABC generally…

  3. Itsarort

    It’s just Gen crY & Z doing what they do best…

  4. Frank

    An interesting read – thanks.

    Presumably Dig Music is going to be the Logan’s Run destination for those on both sides of the Triple J microphone from now on.

  5. Crunt Another

    “Everyone should leave Triple J before their 30th birthday (except the 50 year old Kingsmill TEENGIRLSQUEE)”

  6. John Donovan

    I grew up listing to JJ and JJJ – Rusty Nails, Tim Richie, Off The Record, whispering Arnold Frollows, then Bigsy, Razer, etc. Started to lose touch and realised it wasn’t them, it was me. JJJ is still doing what it is supposed to do – provide music and entertain “the kids”. It’s just that I’m not a kid, so I need to move on, not JJJ. Fortunately, DIG Digital is getting a bit of a revamp, so there is hope. My solution is to flip between the 2 – keep connected to the young stuff on JJJ, and south my troubled soul by reconnecting to the music of my youth on DIG.

    Everybody is happy.

    Thanks Helen – loved the article.

  7. Luke Fabish

    I’m delighted to hear about Razer’s ongoing, one-sided involvement in the fortunes of the station. It’s actually endearing.

  8. Keith MacQueen

    Whilst Razer takes a razor to the J’s critics claiming they don’t get it; from a local musical standpoint (which is where the vocal criticism has been angled from), she don’t get it.

  9. cassandra.richardson

    Hear, hear! I was a big Triple-J listener in the 90s and it opened my ears to all sorts of music I’d never heard before (growing up as I did in Central Qld). It was a welcome relief from commercial stations whose playlist consisted mainly of !!!!!!BARNSEY!!!!!!! with a few pop princesses thrown in now and then. I’m well into my forties now, and no longer a listener, because it’s no longer aimed at me and that’s exactly how it should be.

    Triple-J is a great institution that doesn’t talk down to its audience or assume they’re fools. Triple-J also produced some great comedy in its time. I used to list to Razer and Robins, and remember driving to work trying not to wet myself listening to Captain Pants!

  10. Coaltopia

    #TheirJJJ … and indeed we’re bloody lucky to have it.

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