Jan 17, 2014

Media briefs: Rundle on Hendo and Keith … Time for Hillary …

The irrelevance of Gerard Henderson, Time is ready for Hillary to announce, and other media snippets of the day.

Rundle: Hendo ignores Keith’s letter. There’s not much left of poor old Gerard Henderson these days, is there, well down the batting order in Anti-News Unlimited, where his trademark “archival” style (“Senator Lee Rhiannon’s signature on this 1969 pamphlet ‘Put a traffic light on Bronte Rd’ raises questions of national security that our ABC is yet to ask”) is rather drowned out in a paper that features the executive editor of the whole organisation, Nick Cater, complaining about “elitist gatekeepers”. You need good game to match that crazy.

Instead, Hendo’s latest sad little squib is about the new docos Persons of Interest, focusing on four figures who were activists in the 1960s and ’70s and followed by ASIO, some of whom make a couple of slightly overblown remarks about the surveillance. Gary Foley is the only one of the four who can see the issue from ASIO’s perspective, Hendo notes.

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4 thoughts on “Media briefs: Rundle on Hendo and Keith … Time for Hillary …

  1. klewso

    “Zuul” Cater? What gets past him and into “public interest” print?

  2. klewso

    …. and the Curry or Maul with it’s self-gratification.

  3. Iskandar

    Guy Rundle, you’re not suggesting that Keith Windschuttle, John Howard’s favorite anti-historian, was a mole, a plant, an agent provocateur? We live in a democracy, don’t we; that could not be.

  4. Electric Lardyland

    It’s strange how in the world of Limited News, terms like ‘elitist gatekeepers’ and ‘media elites’ never get applied to the Murdoch family. The most bizarre manifestation of this, if I remember rightly, was an Andrew Olle (or possibly Boyer) lecture of about ten years ago, given by Lachlan Murdoch. In this, he spent much of the time complaining about elites in the media!? It just didn’t seem to occur to young Lachlan, that since he had been recently given hereditary control of Australia’s largest media corporation, many people would consider him to be part of a media elite.
    And also, Iskandar, I think what Guy Rundle was referring to, was the fact that, before he became a somewhat obsessional rightard, Windschuttle was a raving lefty; of the more doctrinaire Stalinist or Maoist variety.

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