Jan 15, 2014

Tony Abbott’s half-baked war on renewable energy

The Abbott government seems to hate renewable energy, but the march of progress is unstoppable at this point. The only question is, when will the government get out of the way?

solar panels

Last week it was quietly announced that the Australian Cleantech Competition would henceforth be known as the Australian Technologies Competition. It was another subtle reminder of how the new Australian conservative government is going about the rephrasing of Australia’s energy future. Anything that involves the words climate, clean energy, or cleantech are considered projects or institutions non grata.


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41 thoughts on “Tony Abbott’s half-baked war on renewable energy

  1. Aidan Stanger

    JohnB #40,
    Far from languishing, flywheel technology has evolved for decades. Around the turn of the millennium I rode on a flywheel powered rail vehicle in the UK (and though it was only a demo, they have since entered commercial service). And flywheels are now in use on the USA electricity grid – see beaconpower.com for more info.

    Though I don’t expect them to ever become the technology of choice for large scale energy storage, flywheels do have huge potential – I suggest you look at their wikipedia page for more examples of what they can do.

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