Reporting both sides is not balance

Crikey readers have a lot to say about climate denialism -- and our shameful media.


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5 thoughts on “Reporting both sides is not balance

  1. klewso

    What happens when you analyse data through nothing but raw opinion?

  2. Will

    Geoff Russell repeats the fallacy that attacking a byline is ad honinem. It isn’t. A byline is used to provide standing for comment – in this case conveying authoritative expertise. It is not ad honinem to point out that said expertise does not exist.

  3. Raaraa

    Imagine if every single issue gets put into a “balanced” debate. Controversial topics might include:

    1) Speeding
    2) Drink-driving
    3) Child pornography

  4. Keith Thomas

    Romina Aquinchay refers to “the unthinking bogans who voted for the Coalition”, as if they are citizens whose vote (and opinions?) deserve to be dismissed, but then later in the same post she adopts the statesmanlike mode: “All of us are citizens” as if we are all citizens meriting an equal voice. A loaded comment, Romina.

  5. Will

    Being slightly more charitable you could argue the bogans were alleged to be a sub-set who voted Coalition believing in Stop the Boats as an efficacious and substantive policy.

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