Jan 15, 2014

‘A political organisation that employs journos’: how Fox sets the agenda

A new book sheds light on how Roger Ailes and Fox News have created a culture of intense fear -- and then capitalised on it. So what do we learn about News Corporation and Rupert Murdoch?

When American journalist Gabriel Sherman began work on a book chronicling the Fox News mastermind Roger Ailes (pictured), the New York magazine contributing editor says he was uncertain about what exactly he would unearth. After three years of research and 600 interviews, he found plenty. The extent of Sherman’s labour was revealed today with the US release of his explosive (and exhaustive) tome.


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20 thoughts on “‘A political organisation that employs journos’: how Fox sets the agenda

  1. klewso

    “What Ailes the Viewsmedia”?

  2. klewso

    FUX News is no more than a Conservative political PR concern – as are Murdoch’s toys here.

  3. mikeb

    He doesn’t seem to be a very cheerful man. But I guess none of them do. So much anger…so much hate.

  4. illywhacker

    “Some blame for the 2012 loss by Mitt Romney to Barrack Obama can be apportioned to Ailes, according to Sherman.”

    Can something be done about this travesty of a sentence?

  5. Electric Lardyland

    I think the most pertinent thing, is the fact that Ailes installed a stocked up, underground bunker and had all his trees removed, to prepare himself for a possible future attack. To me, this is strongly indicative of the perils of living your life, in the manner that Ailes seems to have done. That is, if you behave in a contemptuous, authoritarian manner towards your underlings, while constructing a world view that is an assortment of lies and propaganda, then you’re really not going to enjoy your skin deep material success. Instead, the further that you climb, the more you are consumed by bitterness, madness and paranoia. This is because, the more atrocious your own behaviour, the more convinced you are that all others behave in a similar manner and the more likely you are to create surroundings, where people conform to your own standards of venality and vindictiveness.

    I do think that it is one the great tragedies of the modern media age, that so many people seem happy to absorb life advice from aggressive ranters, who are fairly obviously, deeply bitter and twisted.

  6. Scott

    It’s not hate, it’s fear.
    I think the left forget that there is a large portion of the public unhappy with the social changes that have occurred since the second world war.
    The older white, straight, working class family is under the pump (both cultually and economically), both here and in the US. All these people want is a steady job for themselves and their kids, physical security, decent income, spirituality (through their church), a role in the world as a mother/father/employee/etc and to be left alone by the Government.
    Instead they have an increasing activist government (especially on climate change), terrorism (911 was a wake up call), job security lost due to globalisation and immigration, a breakdown in family and even gender roles and the decline of organised religion. They feel impotent and out of control.
    Is it a surprise they want a voice and someone who listens to their concerns (which are usually ignored or ridiculed by the elites)?
    FOX News (Andrew Bolt/Alan Jones/Ray Hadley etc in Aus) provide that voice. If anything, these outlets are going to be more popular as time goes on as people get older and hence more conservative.

  7. AR

    IlyW – I think that is just the awful banality of what passes for English in these amerikan daze, apart from dodgy spelling of BO’s name.
    The author probably meant “cultural mores” (assuming that he even knew the word exists)rather than “cultural morals” (wot they?)and “inciting the culture wars” was probably meant to be “class war” (just the one).
    It has been well observed that FUAX viewers are “low information voters” when not plain ignorant – over 68% of mudorc’s audience thought Iraq was responsible for 911, even more thought that it had WMD and that WMD had been found. I treasure a statement, now had to find, when US troops found an ice cream truck, by shrub in Poland “you people (journos.) ain’t bin paying attention, we found WMD today!”.
    Interesting that the audience demographics, 55+, white, male is the same as for the hate/shout jocks here, gotta be a PhD to be written there.

  8. leon knight

    This guy should be put in a chaff bag with Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and Andrew Bolt (maybe with Janet Albrechtsen for polite company)and dumped a good distance out at sea..!!
    How much more pleasant would the world be without them?

  9. Will

    Ailes is one person who bears more responsibility than most for the general coarsening and deterioration in our discourse and the polarisation of our polity. He is a vile human being.

  10. klewso

    I thought Psycho was his best.

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