Welcome to Elysium

Crikey readers talk Cory Bernardi, the "gold standard" of families and asylum seekers.

So much for ignoring Bernardi

Richard Markowski writes: Re: “Caro’s flotsam and jetsam: vale EJ Howard … 2013 or 1913? … Bernardi busted …” (Wednesday). I can only imagine Jane Caro’s delight in discovering that everyone she follows on Twitter was in furious agreement with her regarding Our Cory. Naturally, I love stream-of-consiousness missives re: whatever prejudices are being pandered to on someone’s Twitter feed because putting thought and research into it is too difficult … and anyway,they’ve been on holidays. But did Bernardi really pick criminality and promiscuity out of the air and apply them to random genders? Was he referencing any sort of statistical data? We’re not told, and who cares!

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One thought on “Welcome to Elysium

  1. Catherine Scott

    Richard M: there is a significant difference between the situation where a noun is used as a modifier -‘woman writer’ and the usage ‘women’s writing’. In English a noun used the first way alerts the reader/hearer to either the second noun operating on the first – car mechanic, pet groomer, horse butcher – or that a non-standard indeed anomalous form of the second noun is being noted. Writer and woman writer. Soldier and robot soldier. We are not talking a writer who writes woman but an anomalous example of writer. Real writers and, well, woman writers. Real soldiers and robots.

    But When you think about it a horse engaged in butchery would be something else.

    But yeah we understand. It doesn’t matter to you so it doesn’t. I would have thought that men would have learned by now not to make public statements about women’s issues not being issues because they don’t apply to them.

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