He’s back! A day after Crikey highlighted Tony Abbott’s former life as a journalist, the Prime Minister has scored another byline — a front-page screamer, no less …

Sick of the cowards? No, that’s not directed at Abbott and his ministerial team for dodging press conferences and serious interviews. It’s daggy dad Tony — “as a father and as a citizen” — expressing his disgust at the “violent binge drinking culture that now seems so prevalent”.

The PM is “sick of the fact that alcohol-fuelled violence has turned places that should be entertainment precincts into ‘no-go zones'”. And fair enough, too. So what’s he going to do about it? Well, nothing, obviously: “I accept that the fundamental responsibility in this area lies with state governments.”

Still, the circle is now complete — after The Daily Telegraph spent much of 2013 campaigning for him, this year it’s just going to have Abbott write its front pages.