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Jan 10, 2014

A bridge too far? ‘America’s governor’ may have flattened prez hopes

Has Chris Christie blown it? The Next Republican President of the United States has been hit by humiliating political scandal and a nagging sense he's simply not fit for the White House.

Andrew Murfett — Freelance journalist in Florida

Andrew Murfett

Freelance journalist in Florida

There were no call girls, explicit tweets, mistresses or hush-money payments. In fact, in this most New Jerseyan of controversies, there was merely the petty shutting of toll lanes on a bridge.


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6 thoughts on “A bridge too far? ‘America’s governor’ may have flattened prez hopes

  1. zut alors

    If in Bridget Kelly’s shoes I would need to be 100% convinced that my boss wanted “traffic problems” before passing such a suggestion down the line.

    It makes no sense that it was solely her initiative but Christie was oblivious.

  2. klewso

    Good to see someone’s lifted that corpus Christie mask, to show what lies beneath?

  3. klewso

    [NB – Murdoch can “do contrite” too?]

    Where does the buck stop, if not at the top, from where credo is defined?
    It’s like kids, reflecting what their parents really say, when “these people” aren’t around?
    What was Kelly’s “pay-out”? As good as Brooks’?

  4. AR

    Did Heilemann really say/write “their gut tells them his lying“?
    As with Sloppy, surely someone who can’t correct his psychological problem, gluttony,and subcontracts it out to surgical intervention is not up to anything more complex, like integrity or yer akshal cogitation?

  5. Gavin Moodie

    I didn’t know that the Republicans were favourites to win the presidency next time. I had hoped that an improving economy would sweep Hillary Rodham to victory.

  6. Brendan Jones

    Summary from Slashdot: “Conor Friedersdorf has written a tongue-in-cheek article in The Atlantic advising New Jersey Governor Chris Christie how he can use the NSA playbook to successfully defend himself of the charges that a senior member of his staff was involved in shutting down George Washington Bridge traffic, a stunt meant to punish the mayor of an affected town for opposing his reelection. Christie’s NSA-inspired explanation would include the following points: There are almost 9 million people in New Jersey, and only one was targeted for retribution, an impressively tiny error rate lower than .001 percent; The bridge closure was vital to national security because [redacted]; Since the George Washington Bridge is a potential terrorist target, everything that may or may not have happened near it is a state secret; Going after a political rival is wrong but it’s important to put this event in context; Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich was the only target of non-compliant behavior. No other Fort Lee resident was ever targeted for retribution, and any delays that any Fort Lee resident experienced were totally inadvertent and incidental; Finally a panel will be formed to figure out how to restore the public’s faith in Chris Christie. “To some readers, these talking points may seem absurd or deliberately misleading,” concludes Friedersdorf, “but there isn’t any denying that so far they’re working okay for the NSA.” http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2014/01/a-defense-of-chris-christie-courtesy-of-the-nsa/282971/

    How would this have been handled in Australia? The AFP would conduct a witch hunt to find whomever leaked the letters, by prosecuting anyone who had raised the matter internally – regardless of whether or not they actually did it. http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-national/govt-wont-probe-new-kessing-claims-20090907-fd8p.html

    The AFP wouldn’t act on the abuse of power itself (a violation of S142 the Criminal Code) and if anyone makes a complaint they ‘lose’ it. The political party concerned rides it out. One MSM outlet gives it scant coverage, dropping the story after a couple days coverage. Other MSM outlets ignore it, because they didn’t break it and don’t want to alienate the politician concerned. TV news doesn’t report it. It’s quickly forgotten, and if anyone asks we’re told the Australian people have ‘moved on.’ Problem solved, Aussie Style. http://victimsofdsto.com/psc/#kessing

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