Perhaps the kindest thing we can say of Immigration Minister Scott Morrison is that he is rarely seen.  But of the man’s policy shifts on asylum seekers, there are no pleasant words. It is challenging not to interpret some of the minister’s moves these past four months as cruelty through convolution. Since September, we have seen funding cuts to a health advisory service, an end to immigration advice for maritime arrivals and peculiar policy that seems to seek to Turn Back Boats that arrived years ago. A glance at Morrison’s policy shifts and amendments makes one long for the frivolity of Kafka. It is sufficiently exhausting just to read of the regulatory wobbly-castle into which asylum seekers are tossed; it seems improbable that anyone could live within a bureaucracy where application for residency, work or family reunion are bounced into oblivion. It’s no wonder Australians should think to protest against what is destined to become a cruel and expensive mess. The most visible action to date against Morrison has been by popular online klatch Destroy the Joint. Earlier this week, the group posted its suggestion to send the Immigration Minister items from the feminine hygiene aisle.

Destroy the Joint