Jan 9, 2014

Razer’s class warfare: Destroy the Joint’s useless crimson tide

Sending tampons to Scott Morrison is not going to help asylum seekers, but go right ahead if it makes you feel better.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster


Perhaps the kindest thing we can say of Immigration Minister Scott Morrison is that he is rarely seen.  But of the man’s policy shifts on asylum seekers, there are no pleasant words. It is challenging not to interpret some of the minister’s moves these past four months as cruelty through convolution.

Since September, we have seen funding cuts to a health advisory service, an end to immigration advice for maritime arrivals and peculiar policy that seems to seek to Turn Back Boats that arrived years ago.

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14 thoughts on “Razer’s class warfare: Destroy the Joint’s useless crimson tide

  1. Percy Pigeon

    Regarding cranberry juice and UTIs: yes, I totally agree. Just because some people don’t know how to use medical information (ie. incapable of critical thinking and doing their own research), we shouldn’t have access to medical information at all! Best thing really.

    Even for people who don’t teach medical school, it isn’t that hard to find credible health information indicating that cranberry juice is recommended as a UTI preventative, not a cure.

    And still cranberry juice ends up on this page demonized as ‘a sweet, simple canard’ which cannot be taken seriously due to it’s proximity to things particularly feminine. If the magnificent Helen can make this mistake, what hope for the rest of us silly ladies?

    Which brings us to the most important point: Women! You’re doing your activism wrong!

    When agitating for justice and dignity for refugees in detention, there will be a time when we can not only out ourselves as women activists, but when we can also draw attention to those indignities only suffered by not-men.

    Helen will let us all know when that is.

    Because special-girl women-despising female individualists are the thought leaders the rest of us women should be paying the most attention to. Rock on Helen!

  2. Lulu

    Another ‘you’re not doing it right’ to the left from Helen Razer. Please don’t. Attack the problem, not the people who want to make it better.

  3. SusieQ

    Lulu, I agree with you wholeheartedly, well said.

  4. Grumpy Old Sod

    At least we can call Morrison the minister for sanitary products. It’s the only thing sanitary about the man.

  5. klewso

    Ruddock, Vanstone, Andrews, now Morrison – this sort of ministerial oversight has become a Coal-ition tradition?

  6. Shakespeare

    So the protest is useless because it addresses an issue only women could care about, and harmful because it might “mute the broader conversation about asylum seekers, whose number include men.” ?
    Obviously importance is is a quality that can only be bestowed by men! Likewise, if men aren’t affected, it is just a distraction and doesn’t matter.
    Shame on you for such sexist thinking, Helen. And double shame for your illogic. According to this reasoning, any protest on any issue is at fault because it isn’t protesting on every other issue. if you cant see the fallicy in that, you really ought to stay away from the keyboard.

  7. Tom Jones

    “But the ultra, ultra feminine touch here could mute the broader conversation about asylum seekers, whose number include men.”

    This is a completely ridiculous statement from Ms Razer. In fact highlighting this kind of ritual humiliation of women turns the volume up for everybody, male asylum seekers included. And sometimes women’s particular trials deserve their very own protest. I am sure that Mr Morrison will be made uncomfortable by the protest which is far more effective than ignoring this matter altogether.

  8. Western Red

    Ooh, the Razer’s Edge – blunt, sharp at times, but, oh, God, who gives a shit.
    Given the point was for Destroy the Joint to publicise the plight of the refugees, Razer’s wilted word salad is surely evidence of their success.

  9. poopp boo

    The protest is not useless, but it is a shortcut – sending tampons is easy. Mounting a systematic opposition to the human rights violations our government is committing against asylum seekers is altogether too hard. Tampons for everyone! Then send ’em home.

  10. Barking

    Something very close to wholesale criminal barbarity is being perpetrated in the name of our nation by this vile government. Part of that is obscene neglect for the wellbeing of women qua women in asylum-seeker detention camps. Some express their outrage by despatching feminine sanitary products to the government to protest the plight of these women; others respond by telegraphing that our national interests (and not just womens’ interests) are at stake here, and Razer’s one of the latter. Vehemently exclaiming the personal is political doesn’t make it so. Even crowdsourcing a postal mob doesn’t make it so. The political is bigger. It’s about national identity, not your back-patting collective personal feel-good identities. At least, I think that’s what Helen’s saying.

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